Hiring My First Employee

Hello all,

Here are my Questions:

1.Where have you found success in finding good employees, Monster.com is expensive but does it work…what are your methods?

2.Im looking for part time help…Sounds like commission based pay has been working really well for some on you…Please explain how i go about finding the right percent to offer them. without going out of business.

3.What benifits do you offer part time employees if any?

4.Generally what are the costs in acquiring an employee from the start…just bought a van so i have to watch my dollars until season starts.

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Ok so here is were im at… I have been in business since June 2013. From June 2013 to march 2014 i did all storefront cleaning with the occasional referral for a residential.

March 2014 and i started advertising for my residential side of things. I was working alone for the first 2 months until that big $800 dollar job came along and i couldn’t do it all on my own in 1 day. SO me being short on time i asked my fiance for help and she turned out to be really good, she cared about the quality of work and the customer. I Payed her HOURLY and she only did residentials and only used her for the jobs $400-$1000 dollars or days where there were multiple jobs.

Fast forwards to August 2014, I sold my storefront route to another window cleaning company, it was holding be back. Went strictly into residential. Me and my fiance separated at the and of 2014…

Due to the fact i took on such big jobs since i had her help i acquired a higher end clientele. Most of my existing clients are a 2 man job now. I don’t have her help any more and i want to continue to GROW.

I need to hire my first Employee (with no prior relation) and i don’t know were to start.

Simple enough, start on Craigslist. It’s free, people always need work and for part time help you may find your guy or gal on there. I would also suggest finding someone with no WC experience, it’s easy to teach new habits than break old ones you may not agree with.

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Unfortunately Craigslist is starting to charge for posting job offers. Only is certain locations, mine being one haha. Before i post an add ($25) i want to know how im going to pay them.

$25 is not a lot of money, when you consider what a good employee will make you. Don’t trip over nickels on your way to dollar bills.

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Hahaha i love that saying like i do pizza…that would be alot. But i have no issue with spending that money i just want to make sure i know how im going to pay my employee before posting that ad.

I don’t know if you need to know how you’re going to pay an employee before posting the ad, necessarily. If I were you I would get it posted and start to get some candidate info. Having a good pool to draw from is most important thing. Remember, this guy won’t be actually cleaning anything for several weeks from today, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start now.

and hourly is probably the best and most fair way to pay a trainee. Especially if they’re going to be only part-time. You probably have a sense for what grunt level jobs pay per hour, where you are. Pay somewhat better than that, and get someone good (fireman, rather than flaky 19 year old).

Great advice. My thoughts are that i would like to train them for a month or so on hourly and then when they are ready move them to commission so they care more about the job and also complete it in a timely manor. But i am posting the ad ASAP ROCKY. Thank you.

try to hire employees from other companies. Whenever you get good service from someone at a gas station, grocery shopping, dining out, etc… ask that person if they are interested in part time work. If that person can make you happy as their customer, odds are good they will treat your customers properly.

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Love it JC thank you for that advice i will put it to use.

Craigslist charges, but it seems to make it easier for prospective employees to find your postings when they’re not hidden in get rich quick schemes and scams. I’ve been using the List at $25 a listing. They allow you two bumps with that two. It has worked well and is a LOT cheaper than Indeed or Monster.

By the way, @GreenNeighborWindowCleaning - I LOVE New Hope! Such a great little town there. We try to make it out there a few times when the weather is nice :slight_smile:

Hey hey hey…dont come over here to much. HAHAHA just kidding my friend. It is indeed gorgeous here.

Tis a very tempting area, and I have thought about it before, but I think I like it better as a day-cation spot lol

Great advice! I have a good friend of mine that owns a local alarm company. He has found quite a few great employees eating at restaurants

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You can always use a staffing agency. For a simple flat rate hourly program.

-decent employee pool, all with background info

-you don’t have to worry about workmanship comp or taxes, they do payroll

-you don’t even have to be the one to tell them they are “fired” or “let go”

-best of all, when you find the one you really like and want to keep:

  1. do the math
  2. save up to cover a couple months payroll and taxes / liability / WC etc.
  3. Hire him on as “your” employee and the money you just saved will pay for his equip & uniform!
    ( we saved over $3,000 annually per employee by switching to doing our own payroll and ins. )

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I would hire a couple of part timers if you can . I’m big with part time guys if one bails, then you always have the other , until you find someone else . I just hired a part time guy I don’t have enough work right now for him cause of winter, but he has been coming out with me 2 or 3 times a month this winter, and learning my route he will be good to go for spring. I got him from my buddy who using him part time also. Once spring comes he will be working more . Great to have guys if your a small company that you can call up, an say hey next week big house meet me at such an such. those are on call guys I have one or two of those, But there experienced window cleaners, an they cost more but worth it .

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Careful with agencies. Met with an agency and specifically asked about using ladders. She said no problem. Took the contract to read it over and it stated no ladder use. Called her back and she said that it really didn’t matter what the contract said. Needless to say I didn’t use them.

you dont want anybody who is out all night up to no good. ask loaded questions and look for the manic signs

You guys are giving me some great info. Much appreciated. So i put up an ad on CL and have gotten about 10-12 respones…some sounded great and i set up an interview time with them…NO SHOW both of them… set up some other interviews with less atractive sounding people but hopefully they suprise me…Any other resources you guys use to source employees?

typical of CL people. Wait till you set aside a few days to do phone and face to face interviews and get the majority as no-shows. Then the one or two guys you do hire, are no-shows on the first day!!

Dont be surprised if you get inquires from wifes, mothers and girlfriends trying to get work for the “men” in their lives, just to get them out of the house.

Like I said before, pay attention to people who already have a job, you know they are willing to at least show up for work. If they have a good attitude, give them your business card and set up a phone or face to face interview.

Another time saver - after you get the application filled out and someone looks promising, research them on social media, you may find things out that would never come out in an interview. It surprising how many people think its funny to post up pics of being drunk and bragging about how they screwed over their last employer.