Hiring Staff

Here’s a nice broad topic, but I could really use your help.

I’m looking at numbers for next year (January 1 to December 31) as realistically as possible and I’m realizing that I need to bring on help to reach any of the finacial targets I believe I need to reach to support a family of seven just through my business. This past year there were at least 4 months where I was busy enough to be too busy to do everything required to run a business single handedly well. I’m thinking about hiring a sales person, but I could also hire a tech. I waffle back and forth about which way to go. My head seems to have settled on hiring a sales person first.

Maybe some background will help. I’ve been in business 18 months. Gross sales ytd are $33,000 and business hit the winter slow time this next week. Sales '07 to '08 comparison show every month but 1 better in 'o8 with Octover '08 being double October '07. I have the help I need in the summer -three of my own teens. I live in rural northern WI. Largest town within 30 miles is 8,000. Many small towns. Wausau greater area 120,000 people is ninety miles south. Fox valley, 500,000, 3 hours away. Mixed services; wcing, ccing, t&g restoration. Thinking about picking up carpet repair and/or power washing next spring. I eventually want to have one crew working locally and at least one crew traveling as needed or based in Wausau or the Fox River Valley.

What are your thoughts and experiences with hiring sales people. Any docs that might be helpful; application, compensation agreement, work flow tracker, etc. What would be your next step to take a business like this to high gear and long term sustainability?


[I]My thoughts are that you’ve got the switch backwards.[/I]

You need to hire and train the tech(s) to do the actual window cleaning work, and you yourself need to grow into the primary salesperson + marketing head of your company.

[B]Marketing is the engine that will drive your profitable growth this coming year.[/B]

Anyone can clean windows.

Not anyone can fill their schedule with high-paying customers, manufacturing high profit.

In addition, hiring out your marketing/sales to someone else is essentially placing the most lucrative and expensive activities outside your control.

I heart Kevin…always good stuff mang

I agree with Kevin 100%

I really DID (past tense) want to hire a sales person and me do all the work. As Kevin has said, I have things switched. I know my business best and have the energy and heart for it, so who best to represent my company to others…ME!!!
My focus now is nailing some juicy contracts and start hiring some part time college guys. I got some nice things in the pipes so I’m hoping to implement this soon.

I agree with Doug 100%

and I agree with Kevin, Doug and llaczko 100%