Hog Hair Brush vs. Vikan Brush

I use the Vikan brush on my Xtel 4’ waterfed pole and the Hogs Hair brush from Reach Higher Ground on my 28’ Xtel wfp.

I feel that the hogs hair brush gets in tracks and corners better (than the Vikan brush) but it sure does have a lot of friction or drag on the glass which is more exerting on my arms as I clean.

The Vikan brush cleans well on the flat glass pane itself but does not get into the tracks or corners as well as the hogs hair brush. The Vikan does not have friction or drag like the hogs hair so it is much less tiring to use.

Do any of you WFP users have both of these brushes? What are you thoughts as to how they compare?

i use both brushes, i do like the hoggs hair brush, but like you said it drags on the glass more.

it does scrub better though.

you might want to use fan jets on your brushes, it rinses much better than pencil jets even if it is hydrophilic glass…

Are there noticeable differences in drag at varied (4’ thru 28’) heights?

drag is due to the hoggs hair brushes…

Yes, I know.

why did you ask that question then, it does not matter if you are using a 4’ pole or a 100’ pole. it drags alot no matter what…

Well, does drag feel different at 4’ than 28’ (Nuvudude’s stated range)?

There may be differences in the way one applies pressure and lateral load at different heights.

I know you have no information about a 100’ pole.

“Alot” is subjective.

My first question was directed to Nuvudude.

The drag (with hog’s hair brush) is pretty noticeable at any height. I don’t recall any variation in feel of drag at different heights.

I’ll give this more thought the next time I’m out using the hog’s hair brush on a 2 or 3 story home.

sounded like a good question to me Larry, it would seem to me as well that the drag would increase at height.

Larry’s question is a good question. I keep thinking about it and can’t really come up with an answer until I can get out there with the wfp and do a field test.

One thing for sure, the more pressure you apply the more drag you get.

It may be easier to ease back on applied pressure when doing 1st story windows. When I’m doing 2nd or 3rd story windows I usually step back from the building causing more of a pole angle and probably more pressure of the brush on the glass.

Still though, you’ve got to apply pressure for the hog’s hair brush to be effective at any height. I guess that’s why the drag is very noticeable at any height.

Has anyone tried the hybrid (hog’s hair & monofiliment bristle) brush that has been mentioned on the forums recently? I would probably spring for one if they offered a 12 inch size. 16 inches just seems too bulky and probably too heavy too, especially for 2nd & 3rd story wfp’ling.

you really only feel the drag when you are cleaning left to right on the top and bottom of the window.

thanks much

I also was concerned about the size and was thinking about cutting it down to maybe 12"-14".

Hello all.

The hogs hair brushes have ‘drag’ when moving across the glass due to the fact that they scrub so well. When there is no drag, there is no ‘scrub’.

We are working on a 12" hybrid mono/hogs hair that will be plastic block.

Will they be the same setup as your current hogs hair or will they be similar to the Racenstein hybrid that comes predrilled for different poles? Please say predrilled.:smiley:

Whats the benefit of it being predrilled? If you don’t own a UK based pole and you need it for a Tucker, then you can get the adaptor.

I have a 2 foot gooseneck on my Tucker that I use alot because of set back windows on several of my jobs. I can’t afford to loose that reach advantage.

I’m heading out the door, but if there is a custom application that an individual has, we will be happy to attempt to create a solution for them. Give me a call if thats the case.