Holiday Gift Card template- Free Edits!

Hey all, Jillian from the wcr print department here! We have come up with a holiday gift card template if anyone is interested.

It is of course editable- we can change the services, denomination, add fine print… whatever you would like!

And we will do the edits for free, with any holiday gift card purchase.

The cards come in 2 sizes- 2x3.5 ( standard business card size) and 2.125x3.375 ( standard credit card size) and both have rounded corners. They are two sided and full color.

The cards also come in 2 different plastic stocks. 20 pt, which is a thinner ( but still nice) stock, more friendly on your pocket. Or, go with the thicker, 30 pt plastic. The 30pt will be the same size and thickness as a credit card, and withstand changing hands during this holiday season, and more to come.

All prices and quantities can be found here. Gift Cards | Marketing Materials | WCR –

Feel free to call or email me with any questions!

862-312-2010 x504