Homemade half section stack ladder

I’m just wondering if anyone has ever tried to make a homemade half section for stack ladders by taking a bottom section and cutting off the bottom two rungs and then just putting leg levelers on for feet.
Would it be dangerous to turn a bottom piece into a half section? Do you guys even think that would be a reasonable idea?? Let me know please

I’ve read that thread. He made a bottom section into a middle section, which if I’m not mistaken created fitment issues because the ladders taper a bit and the yokes didn’t sit on the peg correctly because the legs needed to be a bit longer. I’m pretty much wondering if it would be a feasible idea to just shorten a bottom section by two rungs, or if that would be dangerous.

I have a 4ft base with leg levelers. It works great. It is not as wide as a 6ft base. If your careful with ladder sets, it is safe to use.

Sorry, misunderstood your question. Yes, there were some slight fitment issues. Had to bend things a bit to get a less snug fit.

I see nothing wrong with just shortening a base section and continuing to use it as a base. Add leg levelers for a wider stance. That would be the simpler route, for sure.