Hose and Fittings

Hi there
Saw THIS and would like to askyou guys if can be used in a homemade WFP.

This is tubing used for drinking R/O systems. I think even if it was large enough diameter to provide adequate flow, it is stiff plastic and would eadily kink and/or crack.

I was afraid of that, the tubing seems to be not flexible at all.

What did you hope to achieve with it?

Shawn, I was just wondering if those fittings will be good enough to start experimenting with DIY poles … but as you can tell I have 0% experience in this field so far, so asking is a good way to get started

1/4 in irrigation hose works well, available at lowes for $8 for 50ft, you do have to add your own connections but they are also available at the big home stores, I also used the irrigation connectors as water jets on a DIY brush, works pretty well for what it is

I’ll stop by at that isle next time and get a cheap brush and play with it to see what comes out.

One more … What’s used to convert an air hosefor WFP use ? connection wise.