Hose Reels

Hi everyone,
I am planning on installing hose reels to my truck for the wfp. How much feet of hose do you guys recommend for each hose and where are u guys mounting? Is mounting from the ladder rack the best option?

I have 125ft of 5/8" on one reel and 200ft of 3/8" hose on the other. Gets me around on most jobs but I have to take them out on my 2 biggest wfp jobs.

Yeah what Tony has is a good set up. We are mounting a couple of new cox reels up this year and we are going to due it on the ladder rack track.

The most common reel used for this application is the Cox 1125-4-200
That reel will hold 200’ of commercial garden hose(inlet) and 300’ of 3/8"ID (outlet) hose to the pole.

These can be mounted seperate or stacked on top of one another via a stacking bracket.

When I bought my WFP system from Shawn Gavin he suggested I get 300’ of hose. I heard from others that 200’ would be enough but I went ahead and got 300’. I’m so glad I did because I really needed it. If you’re working a lot you’ll run into so many situations that you’re bound to need the whole 300’ of hose.

As far as mounting goes I have my two Cox reels mounted to a stack bracket which is mounted to the floorboard (bed) of my truck. I cannot advise whether or not to mount reels on the ladder rack but I can say one thing about it. Wherever you mount your reels make sure you are going to be able to turn the crank of the reel comfortably while standing on the ground outside of the truck. I’m guessing that if the reel is mounted too high on the ladder rack you may not be able to turn the crank of the reel while standing on the ground outside of the truck.

I’ve found that while reeling the hoses back onto the reels I often need to walk over and untangle a hose or something of this nature. I sure would hate it if I had to jump out of the bed of the truck to do this then get back into the truck bed to get back to reeling the hoses in.

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have mine mounted to some plywood at the rear of the truck,that way when you have 300’ of line to spool up,you can get a straight shot at winding it back up,that is when you want power spool!!