Hosting etc

Chris linked me via PM a killer web builder site. Thanks man.

Now, I can clean the heck outta some windows but am down right stoo ped when it comes to computer stuff…like hosting domaining…registering…

I want to know who some of YOU use for hosting and why.

I took a serious look at godaddy and moved on…Now am looking at inmotion hosting.

I am starting from the ground up and need a little help.

I had a website designer/host for a couple years. I could not stand the lack of control I had and created my own on Yahoo (who also hosts for cheap). It is very easy to do and the web building tools are free. Best Website Hosting Services - Web Hosting for Small Business - Turbify

It serves my every purpose anyway

There are all sorts of options out there, but investigate them carefully.

I like your website Paul. I’m tired of not having control of my website too. I think I’ll check out the Yahoo site you mentioned. Thanks for sharing!

I have a web based system that give me a large amount of control of the content. I can’t write html code yet, but I can get my point across. The pakcage I have costs me around $20/month. I can change it an unlimited amount of times. It also comes with an email server/account with up to fifty email accounts for sales, info, employees, admin, users, etc.

The only thing I don’t like, is that sometimes it is difficult to make all the wanted changes because of the fact the system uses mostly template based sites. But they have recently added an area to create custom context, pages, backgrounds, etc. I wish I had more time to use it for what it can do.

Their website is

They can design a site for you for about $1500. Or you can do it yourself, all online, for $20/month. Their designed sites are great. I just can’t force myself to dish out the dough, when I can do it myself.

Hosting is the most important thing you will decide on. I personally use Adult Hosting sites. My reason is simple. They never ever go down. My sites have been down once in 6 years for only a few minutes. Company had a serious power issue which caused it’s entire infrastructure to reboot. The other reason is they have the resources to provide large amounts of bandwidth for your customers. Why does that matter? Simple, ever go to a site and wait for it to load? When that happens to me I check things on the site to see if it’s the site. IE large images. But if the site is small in size and still takes a while to load, that’s the hosting company. DO NOT GO WITH GO DADDY. I CAN’T SAY THAT ENOUGH. IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT THIS THAT IS NOT THE COMPANY TO GO WITH. I have had issues with them and have heard many nightmare stories about them. I use a company called cost is $30 per month. The service from the company is 2nd to none. If I call them at 2 am, someone answers the phone. Any tickets I have put in for updates or changes to the account are handled with in 30 minutes if not right away.
Once you have the site up, your potential customers will never know you host on an adult hosting company, unless they dig a little. Example. If you go to a page on my site that’s not there anymore and adult 404 page will come up. But I can change that if I wanted. I just leave it as I don’t care cause my site works correctly. No broken links for customers to get a 404 page. The company will provide you will all the control you need. All you really need is ftp access. One other thing is the Database offered. Most offer MYSQL. Let’s say you wanted to keep a database of your customers and scheuling. Once again if the company maintains slow servers or crappy bandwidth the database will take a long time to load. Take this forum, this forum loads from a database. Most of the posts, user names etc are maintained in a database. If Chris got a crappy hosting company it would take so long for the forum topics or anything else for that matter to come up. The site would not last long. People don’t want to wait, even more so when they have broadband.

For a non-adult hosting company I have heard good things about
But I can’t say one way or the other as I don’t use them.

I’m using . That’s the site the guy building my site told me about. It’s only 16 bucks a month and has more than I need (i.e. 500 e-mail addresses, 100 GB web space).

And what killer website builder would that be???

Jugg, why are you so adamantly against GoDaddy? I use them and everythings been great, especially on the customer service end. What problems have you experienced/heard about? I’m pretty new to this stuff too, so thanks! is what I use.
unlimited domains, is local to me even when it doesn’t matter, you have a help line 24/7 or if you don’t feel like using the phone there’s something to chat online 24/7 too.

Several packages to choose from, I have one that costs me less than $8/month, and is Linux based. Cpanel for you to review your traffic and statistics.
Lots of stuff, go check 'em out, and if you don’t understand a lot, call them or chat online, they’re cool, young people.

BTW, I have like 10 domains hosted there with 0 problem so far for the same $$$

To all of you guys who are wasting time and money use

the price is less than $4.00 per month,

get ipower and you can edit all of your website info that you want…

I only recommend the following to anybody…

You should also PM Mark from BeautifulView, because he can host your site for you, and help you with all this stuff, too, for a very reasonable fee.

Hey Phil, I use More features than I’ll ever learn to use, including advanced webmail controls, bla, bla, bla. Pretty darn cheap. Only problems: if you are authoring in Microsoft Code - Frontpage of Publisher - you will need to have them load MS files to your section on their server. And they can’t/don’t work with Frontpage 2001. I found this out the hard way. May hours of work, down the tubes. Second problem, both online and phone support can be a bit slow. That is, you may be in que or on hold for some time. My longest wait, 10 minutes for live on line help.


Nice to see you again Eric. :slight_smile:

And Phil , go to and judo chop that server in the CPU

Man sorry for the late reply I don’t know why I get some of the emails regarding post and not others. 1st thing to make clear with godaddy and when I had then as a host had nothing to do with my adult websites in the past. The hosting was set up by a family member for their business, they just wanted me to build the site. Anyway long story short they did the standard thing that all hosting companies are required to do. They asked for proper contact info. My family member was not looking to hide anything, not doing anything that required her to be sneeky, just looking to host a website. Being she knows nothing about websites I had to handle everything with them. Anyway called and gave 1 tech the contact info. Everything seemed fine. I logged in started to work on the site. 10 mins later my sister calls and said she got a call from godaddy about providing the contact info. She told them that was already done by her webmaster and they said it was not. I called them back. Went through the same process again. Same issue, sister got a call again. This time I called and while on the phone I logged on the account, went through the process again (3rd time). While on the phone I went to acccess a different section of the admin IE the contact info. Everything showed up fine so that was that. I thought all was good. Put up the site etc. No problems at all. A few days goes by my sister calls and says she can’t access the website. I look at the site and godaddy locked it. Meaning I could not access anything at all. I could not log on or even get to the index page from the web. I called an was told we provided fake info lol. I almost fell off my chair. After running around with them for about 15 minutes I gave up. I was told the domain name she had purchased was now owned by godaddy and her account was frozen. I was never able to get any of the pages from the site I put up, was never able to get the domainname released. My sister had to have her credit card fight the company in order to get her money back. I am not the only one I have heard about things like this happening. Of course I had no idea until it happened to us and I searched the web. Every time I contacted godaddy and asked them for the files I was told my sister would have to PAY for them. CRAZY…

Anyway I would not take the risk with that company. Things might go well for someone and might not. With something like this I would never take that risk again. It’s funny that a lot of people are saying go with the $4 hosting. Well just like your window cleaning, people get what they pay for. You can pay $4 an be on a server that is slow and hosting a million other sites. Just a matter of time till your site goes down from the server being overloaded cause the company will not upgrade the box. Or you can pay $20 to $40 and get a hosting plan that actually works. You know the funny thing that is going on with those $4 hosts. It’s a guy like me, buying a package from a larger company for $40 per month. I am then offering up the service to others at $4. When these companies offer unlimited domain names, 500 email addys and 3 terrabytes of transfer every month they do this cause they know most people who buy those packages are going to resell them to public.

If anyone really really wanted to go the highend route.
For rouughly $100 per month you can have your own server, no restrictions what so ever. REAL FULL CONTROL. Not some flashy internet webpage passed off as a control panel.

This is a very serious investment for any company and once again you will get what you pay for. If it were me, I would not take the risk for a couple of bucks.
Heck if you really want the cheap o route, heres what you do.

99% of the time your ISP (Comcast, Verizon etc) offers free webpage space. You can go buy a domain name at directnic for $15.00 (really own the name) and have it forwarded to your free account. So instead of the typing in
Anytime a customer types in it will foward to No one will ever know you are on a free host… I ran my photo website like that for years. Only issue is it’s very hard to get seo completed correctly with your foward.

BTW heres a good link about the nightmares of godaddy.

Don’t get me wrong I’m pretty sure this guy has a bug up his butt. But I have heard these stories also from other webmasters.