Hot New Product - The Moerman Combinator is here!

Last year Moerman brought us the liquidator, this year we have “The Combinator!”

What is it?

A new 3 part window cleaning squeegee.

Stage - 1 - A storefront tool. Fits on the end of any pole. Scrub with one end switch it around and squeegee with the other.

Stage - 2 - A one-pass tool. Scrub and squeegee at the same time.

Stage - 3 - Pop the liquidator squeegee off and use it independently.

Same great features as the Liquidator with all new longer lasting ending clips.

Watch The Video Here!

You can use the fancy pre-cut Liquidator rubber with the Combinator. Any other standard rubber will also work.

Standard Liquidator Available In:
10 Inch
12 Inch
14 Inch
18 Inch
22 Inch

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