Hotel window cleaning quote HELP

Hi there,

we have received a call from the biggest hotel in our town to have the windows & gutters cleaned. They want a quote but I do not have a clue on how to quote it considering the size… We have the experience to get this job done …it is just the price I need help with.

What format do people use when approaching something like this with multiple windows, patio glass …5 stories?


Going to need pictures to help you with price.

Are you renting a lift or something else. That should be included.

Dont know what you mean by format.

I will take some photos tomorrow. I will be renting a lift for this job yes…

By format I just mean when you are doing a quote like this do you work off a specific pricing structure to get the total or do you just use your experience to figure out how many days it will take with the lift…?

I did a walk around and estimated it would take 2 weeks with a couple guys… but I am just guessing how many days it will take.

Get as much information as you can from the manager of what is being done now & what they would really like for future service.
Take an inventory of what tools you need to get the job done. Also lifts etc.
Divide the job in to areas for how long it will take you. Then as you add the quote up it is easier. Pricing is the hardest part of any job, not getting the job done.
Make the quote so that it gives you options. i.e. Outside front & main areas once a month. Other not so important areas 4 times a year etc.
Consider factoring foot-fall/busy areas of guests for risk assessment when working. Take into consideration eating times for restaurants or coffee/buffet areas &/or conference rooms.
Know that maids usually only do guest room windows unless it’s out of there reach.
Do not be intimidated by the job.
Consider that you may have been called because they want to lower the price of existing contractor. Ask them!
Know that the first time will probably take you twice as long.

Thank you Karlosdaze! That was exactly what I needed to move forward with this.

I will let you know how my progress goes and I will take some pictures for you to see tomorrow.

[MENTION=23908]NateSolutions[/MENTION] Did you have a chance to get the pics?

I will have the photos on here tomorrow morning…I had to take care of something else today that came up as a urgent priority.

Sorry for the delay.

/Users/nathankelly/Pictures/iPhoto Library.photolibrary/Masters/2013/11/28/20131128-143259/IMG_2269.JPG

Is there a way to upload my photos from my iPhone??

** Dont mind that gutter picture- did not mean to add that

They want all glass clean- including patio glass - There is also a club house off to the side

( gutter cleaning is included )

** The last company had three guys and got all of the window cleaning done in 2 days from what the manager said.

Would love all feedback

Thats a large job. I don’t think that job was completed in 2 days with only 3 guys, that job seem more like 7-8 days (full days) 4 guys, not including the gutters.
A lot of the glass looks like it can be WFP’d which will save some time.

Make sure you price it well.

7-8 days for 4 guys? I would be a little disappointed if it took 4 guys more than 3 days for the glass pictured.

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Take into consideration they have to enter every room that has a balcony. so your dealing with maids,customers ect… (very time consuming).

And the whole back of the building is tiered balcony’s.

I hope he can get it done quicker…But thats what I would consider a good time line.

I hope this helps [MENTION=23908]NateSolutions[/MENTION]

i would use a lift, 3 guys, 1 crew leader. charge $90 per hour for crew members and $125 per hour for the crew leader

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Agreed. Then figure the whole job based on your per window price + expenses (lift, etc). If there is a big discrepancy between your two estimates, you’ve missed something. If the numbers are very close, you got it.

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