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Help at Your Fingertips

We want to make sure that your questions are answered, and we want to help you use the web portal to your advantage. That’s why we’ve put in Intercom. This system allows you to ask questions, get live help, and get quick answers all while working within the web portal. Our Customer Success team will be there to answer your questions when you need help.

Just click on the blue question mark at the bottom of your screen in the Web Portal and it will prompt you to start a conversation. Once you ask something, one of our awesome team members will be there to help you out! Ask us anything!

Upload Your Own Postcard Design

Two weeks ago, we released the Postcard Marketing feature. Last week, we allowed you to set up one-time campaigns, and ongoing campaigns. This week, we allow you to upload your own design to your postcard campaign!

The option to upload your postcard is the first choice when creating a new postcard campaign. Make sure to upload your postcard in the right dimensions (1875x1275 pixels or 6.25x4.25 inches) so that you deliver high quality postcards to your customers. All of your uploaded designs will be saved to be available for later use.

App Invite Code for Existing Customers

You can now create your own App Invite Code to invite your customers to download the HouseCall Booking App, which will directly link that customer to you. Under “My Account” in the Company Settings, you can create your own personalized code to give to your customers. When they download the app and enter your personal code, they’ll automatically be attached to your account.

This code will also make your company the default service provider for your category in the booking app. This will be a HUGE benefit to you, as your clients will now be able to find and book your services right from their phone. Can your competition offer that?