How about only having to look at the notice board once?


I read the notice board that you posted about your new policy for the forum.

However, I’m sick of looking at it every time I load a new page. I tried closing it, but every time I load something new it pops up again.

Could you put a cookie on it or something, that shows that I logged in and saw the notice once already, or it appears for 10 times or something, to make sure one reads it, and then it doesn’t appear after that.

It’s really annoying.



No problem Mike! You are right it is annoying… I set it to only appear once per visit… Meaning once you log in you will only see it once… you move to another page and it goes away

If you log out and come back later you will see it once. I had to look into a bit deeper to figure out how to do that… but its done. I really wanted to make sure everyone saw it because it was pretty important to allot of people.


Yep - its gone now…only the forum has expanded since I was last in. Me reckons too much pizza?


Mandy has been busy… much more to come…