How are you cleaning your frames?

Does anyone have any tips on frame cleaning? Currently, we are just brushing the dirt off the frame and then wiping it down with a wet cloth, but just that takes a majority of our job time. Without having to use a wfp, does anyone have tips to speed through the frame cleaning portion of the job?

Hand held hog hair brush. If needed wipe down with microfiber after.
If interiors need cleaning, I usually just wipe down with damp microfiber.


Yep, same as Matthew, just wipe them down unless there’s an obvious mess to deal with.

so no need to really scrub down the exterior frame? just brush off?

Depends on what the job calls for. If it is a first clean and needs a good scrubbing to get the initial dirt off then charge and schedule for that. If it has already had the initial cleaning schedule done and it is a repeat job then it won’t take as much to get clean and that is a different schedule.

I don’t clean frames or tracks. We wipe them down. If that doesnt get them “clean” to the customers liking than we offer other services like house washing and track detailing that can take care of it for an extra charge

with wpole its a non issue and fun to watch all that dirt come off and a couple passes and all those fly specks and insect specks are gone, just pure white clean and sheen vinyl frames

a lot more work if filthy and no wpole

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