So I have been at it for a good while now(window cleaning) … It seems like yesterday I was on here asking rookie questions about WC. I have since weathered some good storms to still be standing. Now and days business is going well at a steady pace however I’m always on the up and up. I am involved in a local business development group and I’m trying to get some solid answers for some good questions and I thought what better place than WCR.

How big is th WC market nation wide(wc’ers , $$$, customers?)
Is there any good way to get info on the state wide county wide info ?

I’ve looked for this sort of thing as well, but as someone else jokingly pointed out, it’s like a secret society. Data is somewhat limited, but there are sites that probably have somewhat accurate numbers. How to access them is a whole different story. Interestingly, I’d bet some scam sites similar to home-advisor would possibly have some relevant information.

Here in our neck of the woods, I’ve found suburbia to be booming at the moment. New money, people moving out, people moving in, fall cleanings, events, parties, bbq’s. Track homes mainly for me this time of year. Neighbors talk in places east of the foothills. I probably do a 500+ window mansion twice a month in Boulder, but it’s not my bread and butter.

I think if you could find numbers on which consumers buy more than one 50+" TV a year, you’ll find a market. Look at cars too! If you see a brand new pink Audi in the driveway next to the house you’re cleaning, knock on that door!

The market is terrible. You guys should quit now.
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I went to Ohio State.

You aren’t going to find much data on any service sector business unless the owners or share holders are making millions of dollars and it also contributes to at least some measurable percentage of the economy. Window cleaning isn’t one of those things and it’s best kept that way. Sometimes I think it’s almost ridiculous how much people are willing to pay, not just for window cleaning, but for a truly top notch service.

Done, Enjoy! the classic jfromthed at work!

Got to love perceived value.

I believe there are roughly 50k window cleaners in the USA

Plus house keepers and other janitorial businesses that clean windows but don’t advertise that as primary service you can triple that number at least

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very good point

easily x2 the #

from my extrapolations, seems it always comes back to 8-10% of population will hire a window cleaner at some point

no doubt this coincides with income and home size