How big of a ladder?

Think I need to rent 40 footer for gutter cleaning this place? This is the highest part. Im thinking I might be able to get up there with 32 footer…

Anyone use 40 footer solo?

You might be able to hit that with a 32 with standoffs. Looks close.

I use a 40 solo. My guys are not allowed to

Sometimes I’ll pull out my WFP to estimate heights on jobs like these. Just from the pic, I’m not sure if a 32’ would reach- maybe if the ladder is set below the gutters with a standoff.

A 40 footer is a beast. If you need to rent/buy one, find the lowest weight rated ladder you can use for your body weight. There will be more flex, but a lot less strain setting it up and moving it around. Watch some youtube vids to get an idea of how to work with a ladder like that. And there are some good deals sometimes on craigslist for used ladders. Just make sure to inspect thoroughly for damage… Caveat emptor, etc…

And yes, I have used a 40’ solo. I’m in the 140 lb range, and not the weight lifter type. It was a bit challenging, but I didn’t have any close calls or moments of panic :wink:

And don’t forget to get a gutter scoop if you don’t already have one. The fewer times you move any ladder, especially a big, the better!

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40 footer is a beast. 32 will come up short I am sure on that pictured job. ALWAYS SAFETY FIRST! Do check out some ladder safety videos on Youtube. Place the feet up against the wall and walk the ladder up into position. 40 footer solo is no fun. If you can hire a temp helper just to assist with the ladder it’s worth the money.

I believe that 32 footer will come up short.

40’ is beast Im also a smaller guy like Alex, I had to use a 40’ a few time a year to access some windows, it was a beast but all the work was done safely, as Garry said if you can have a helper with you for ladder setup and moves and take down it will help you a lot.

Be safe!!

If you have time, watch some firefighter training videos on “throwing ladders”. You’ll find some awesome tips for single person or two person setup. I strongly suggest That was my go-to training site when I was a FF.

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Thanks for the tip Jesse.

Any time!

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I carry a 36’ on my truck. I use it all the time solo for Christmas lights. And fairly often for windows too. I do mid to high end homes so lots of big 2 story with walk outs. So it is needed on the walkout side. Its a little awkward to move around solo but im pretty used to it. For gutters once it is up its not too bad to move along the house. Im about 6’ and 210lbs so that helps.

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Whoever said 32 wont cut it was right.

The 40 footer… whoa lol. Im 6’5" 200lbs, I handle my 32 footer with ease but this 40ft fiberglass was something else. There was no way I was shoulder pumping it up. Used the wall and walked it up.

Took a picture for the thread. That’s 32ft fully extended (maybe even over extended 1 notch?).

p.s eventually put standoffs on 40 footer to avoid gutter damage and had people move their cars.

Cool pics! It’s nice to see someone follow up on a thread. Yeah, the 40’s are rough and I don’t like them but you got to do what you got to do.

Wow ! I would have someone hold the ladder down below . Don’t over reach or else that ladder will slide down fast . Be safe

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