How 'bout some work pictures?

we’ve had some mugshots which i thought was cool to put faces to names, but how about some work shots? If you don’t actually do the window cleaning for your biz, why not some pics of your employees hard at 'er.

here are a couple pics from the job i have been busy at this week.

ok my pics didn’t load up lets try that again…

coffee time
Not as exciting as yours !

This was a 20,000 square foot house we did a few weeks ago. Took 3 guys 3 long days to complete and 2 guys a fourth day to do a walk through for a couple hours for touch ups. The in and outs were riddled with paint and silicone. Only one guy lives in the house all by himself. Craziness man, craziness.

sethfenster: Wow. Massive clean. Hope it was worth the work. With a 3-man crew for 3 days and a 2-man crew for another day, was it worth it?

I think I’d have to charge $4,000+ (at least) to justify a workload that extensive.

Can you get away with those kinds of charges in your neck of the woods?

I really hope you can leverage those awesome photos in some marketing, too.

Yes, massive indeed. The pool house was bigger than my house:D. I did charge $4000+ for the job. Best part now is that the windows should be in WFP shape for the next time.

I live and work in Montgomery County, Maryland. It is one of the most affluent counties in the US of A (Wikipedia). It’s just north of DC (do some work there too). I can definitely charge handsomely in my neck of the woods.

I am currently working on all things marketing related with my business. A friend of mine is helping me. He is a copywriter/marketing consultant for the company he works for.

makes the home I did last week look like a spec home! Just think about next time…WFP the outside in two days $2500…nice!:smiley:

Very cool. And impressive.

I am currently working on all things marketing related with my business. A friend of mine is helping me. He is a copywriter/marketing consultant for the company he works for.

Very smart.

You can use great photos like those ones to dominate your local “giant-home” market.

I’m also thinking that you really should try developing a super-premium service especially for this demographic. I’m gonna try something like this, and call it “The $10,000 Home Clean-Up” or something like that, and charge 10K, and see if I can get any takers.

People’s appetite for premiums is sometimes limited only by our imagination to create consumable services and products for them.

I was quoting some window cleaning work at a Rolls-Royce dealer this morning and noticed a price tag of $442,000 for the 2008 model. That’s some intelligent premium marketing going on…I also passed one of these models on the road 4 minutes before I popped by.

Oops…sorry for the hijack…back to the pictures…

[COLOR=black]This is my latest project. It’s a small job so not exactly a premium price but a a fun job to do. We cannot use any water or the whole house will dissolve. That makes it really hard…

I’ve got a happy gal who keeps showing up and cleaning exterior windows, though I haven’t a clue who she is…

josh…those are some sweet buildings there…do you work alone or have a crew?

As a one-man-show, it’s hard to get pictures of me working at job sites.

Any way, here’s a job I did last week. 800+ French panes in and out.

How long did it take you do that , 800 french in and out??

Man…that gig is SCREAMING pure water cleaning big guy;)

1.25 days.

I stopped by the job 2 days prior and measured the panes widths and custom cut my channels. Sure helped to speed things up.

The exterior of the building was painted last year, every pane had to be scraped.

Mark I did a cottage like that last year, small panes and every one had to be scraped, took me 11 hrs!
yes it is hard to get work pics when your a one man show, i just get the wifey to show up and take some pics of me from time to time.

Hopefully…you tacked on “extra” for all the scraping needed and mentioned the shotty job the painter’s did as well?

So…1.25 days w/scraping,what do you think it would take you now? I’d have that gig done in about 2 hours with pure water;)

Definitely need to consider that my Man!!