How busy are you?

Are you busier than this time last year? Just the same?

Im talking straight up revenue…

Personally speaking right now I’m ahead…

Busier? Yes
Money-Wise? Yes
Feeling good about this years earning? Yes

i just started this thing and passed out 125 flyers so far…got one job…and it was cause they seen my truck! Im passing out more but i feel pretty good, my first customer!!

Season hasn’t really started in SE Mich for me yet. Weathers really been up and down. That or ALL the exces have been laid off.

You just never know.

I was doing about the same with my normal Residential & Commercial customers. I Sent out 2100 Brand New Flyer’s advertising Free Gutter Cleaning with any In & Out window Cleaning. Amazingly I only got 1 Response in the first week??

Anyway I had 2, 4 story Buildings call me to give them bids a few weeks ago, called the super’s back to see what’s up, they Himmed and Hawwed about price and so forth, but wanted me to block out days in my schedule for them.

I called both back earlier this week and said If I dont have the go ahead by the next day, I’m going to go ahead and just start filling up my schedule with Residential Customers that were starting to pile up". No Response.

Yesterday I called quite a few Residential’s that were on my list from last year, filled up my spots, and dont you know it, this morning both building Super’s called me and said come out tomorrow morning and sign the contracts, and oh, when can you do it, we’re in a rush"!!

I know this is a good problem after a terribly slow Jan-Mid March, but it’s an aggravation. Oh well, life I guess.


This year is kickin’ for me. Feb was slow as usual but I like the break. March was crazy mad with business and I had to work 7 days a couple of weeks.

I’m taking it easy this week since the pollen started last week and I had some calls to reschedule. But I’ve still been getting calls and doing estimates. I’ve got some nice commercial CCU’s on the book along with resi and monthly commercial. It’s a great year so far, even better than last year.

We are busier but haven’t grown as much as last year so far. We can usually tell by the end of April if we are going to be much more busier.

This is a great forum, I just wish everyone posted their location like so many others do.

I don’t see your location posted.

That goes for you too kirk!

Crazy busy here in TORONTO. Today was my 11th day in a row cleaning windows. I was supposed to do a job tomorrow but their neighbours are digging up the driveway and will be causing lots of dust. Schedule for next two weeks is quite full but with a bit of room for more $.

What do you mean it’s there! Now. Oops Thought I had it in there, easy fellas.

We are twice as busy as we were last year according to our schedule:confused:. Im kinda taken back by the whole thing really. Gloom and doom? Screw that! I kind of think its due to a loyal customer base, doing a superior job, and charging fairly. This is my 19th year at it. I guess that treating people with respect and honest business dealings really pays off after all. I don’t think im recession proof but it looks like I did something right.
Beefed up my advertising this year is panning out with nice ROI!


I did the same thing kirk…i got irriated ppl werent putting their loc in, someone brought that up to my attn…but you in se mi huh? where abouts?

Very busy month so far all 12 guys are working everyday.

Busier than last year, but not busy enough to keep me off line. Got more residentials than i know what to do with as soon as the weather clears :eek:

On pace to beat out April 08. I’m currently booked a week and a half out. The decent weather and Easter is helping to kick things up a notch.

as of April 1st booked 6 days a week until mid July and haven’t contacted all previous clients yet. Hoping 4 no rain. Shots and beers on saturday nights

I just had my first ad run last week and I have been booked up till june with 1 per 5 day work week. About 20% of that is new business from booking over the phone and the internet. The rest are pryor customers. I am also seeing larger jobs and pay this year. But still I only got 1 call today for an estimate and that had me freaking out cause today was really nice and the last few weeks have been crappy. So I think it’s very fickle.