How cheap do you go for large gutter cleaning jobs?

I have been asked to bid multiple townhome associations for gutter cleaning, I’d really like to land these because I love gutter money.

Most of these complexes have 75+ units, two story or less…

One of the jobs has over 4000 feet of gutter, another around 3000 feet.

I wouldn’t dare price at my regular price per ft which is usually $1 or more

How cheap is too cheap?

I have one really great account like this through an HOA. I now clean their gutters 4x/ year. I just looked at each individual unit and estimated how long it would actually take me and how much i wanted per hour and did it that way. I probably could have gone higher.
But it has turned out great. I still have to get over the hurdle of " how much do i think is fair to make". I am pretty happy with $90-100/ hour on these jobs. I wasn’t even aiming for this much when i bid the jobs, but gutter work is great, eh?

What I have found is that if you can give personal attention to the HOA representative and consistently do a great job and communicate well , you are in there.

And what is more, through this particular job I got in with the Property Management Company which has brought along several similar jobs, which have been great.

I would suggest doing something similar. Drop your per foot pricing and come up with a price based on how long it will actually take you and what you want to make. In my case I knew it would take 30 minutes per unit, or an hour per unit and multiplied by how many there were.
Taking into account the profitability of doing so much work in one location can be pretty big.

Are landscaping companies your competition on this? I have found that they work very cheap.

You love “gutter money” (me, too), but if you don’t approach that level, aren’t you working more for less pay versus your “standard” gutter money elsewhere?

How cheap is too cheap for [I]you[/I]?

I’m just curious on large scale jobs like this, how much to discount my regular pricing. I’m putting my estimates together right now…let’s see how luck I can get. :smiley:

Im with chris T. Figure what you want per hour, and figure how long it will take. I lost a Nice Gig by bidding it the per foot method. Walkable roof or Non walkable…etc