How clean is clean?

Ok, so I am wondering what your definition of clean is to you guys? specifically window detailing. I have been leaving jobs with the feeling of guilt lately. When we clean tracks how spotless does your tracks frames and sills turn out? We did the inside windows, tracks, frames and sills yest. It took 6 hours to do all the inside. Casement windows and getting under and around the window hardware was rough. It looks good but not every speck of dirt was off the windows. I just feel like a customer pays $900 for the full works package they should be spotless. If I did that I could of spent 40 hrs there just on the tracks. I would estimate it was a 5,000+ sq ft home.

here is a before and after picture of one window. Not all turned out this nice.

@wcs Please post a link to the thread Caleb posted a while back. Where he talks about A work and B work. The customer doesn’t notice the difference. Such a great thread.


Unless you pitched them on “spotless perfection” at a higher price. Now, anything less is disappointing.

Personally, I don’t present the bid that way. There is one price level only. I aim for highest quality within that pricepoint, remembering that my B is their A.

On his house, 900.00 for me is around 8-9hours. So if he’s not satisfied with his work at 6 hours, that’s where I would start - add a couple of hours to make it perfect.

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Those windows look fine to me. From the photos, it looks like the paint is coming off the frames. If that’s the case, it tells me that those windows are pretty old. You can’t make new windows from old ones.

Yes, that hardwear IS a pain to clean around. I clean it part way open, then crank them all the way open to get what you miss.

Just make sure you tell them when you are doing a walk through in the estimate stage, IF there is loose/bubbling paint, that when you clean the tracks and sills, the paint will come off and you recommend they get them painted to prevent further damage.


@windowsrx I will search that thread down I agree, it a great read.


that’s a beautiful line


How clean is clean? If I get repeats and referrals I know they are clean.