How DI Resin Is Regenerated

And More importantly why you shouldn’t try this at home! This is a long one but if your into pure water cleaning its interesting.

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Awesome stuff. I won’t take all the work that goes into the tank for granted anymore… I thought they just flushed them out with some kinda acid, right in the tank.

Whats the difference between a “weak” based and mixed bed system?

A weak base anion exchange resin has been contacted with a solution of a coordination compound having at least two ligands connected to at least one central metal atom to bond chemically the resin to the metal atom by replacement of at least one of the ligands of the coordination compound by a functional group of the weak base anion exchange resin.

Are you sure? I always thought it was the other way around.

No seriously, I was talking to the Culligan guy, he said that “IF” he were to rent me a DI tank, he wouldn’t. He would rent me a “weak” based system. He did not really want to explain how it worked either, just that it would last longer. The Fish guy never returned 4 or 5 or his DI tanks, so he’s barred all window cleaners.

So when I saw how the resin gets regenerated it sparked my curiosity as to what a weak based system is.

A weak base anion is used to remove industrial solvents. in short it is more of a specialty filter. Anion alone my not give you a low enough tds to clean windows. It will not remove as much tds as mix bed, you would need to add a cation before your anion. that will only give you 1meg. water on a scale of 1-18 (18 being the purest water you can get) mix bed will give you 18meg .

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