How did COVID affect your profits?

I’ve been thinking about what to expect next year and my best guess is it will be a lot like this past year…

Has Covid affected your profits? What have you done to counteract?

I’ll tell you we spent like 5x our marketing budget from 2019 and ended up making just a little over what we made in 2019. We technically grew but with the huge extra cost of advertising, our net wasn’t very impressive. That same quantity of advertising would have generated a lot more business precovid (I think). I asked a few friends in the business that kept their budget the same and they said they got little to no work at all from their advertising budget. Our regular clients were almost all MIA. This is in Ontario Canada.

*advertising online. We are purely residential/large commercial. No store fronts. No contracts.

up 20%…


Sorry I’ll need to edit the original post. We’re up 20% too on gross but when you calculate the advertising we spent then it brings it down to slightly higher than 2019 (slightly more but not worth the amount of advertising we spent).

Not a lot of people opted to do gutter cleaning this year. What I’m trying to say is it seems like the population wasn’t as interested in services last year. We had a lockdown in April which may have affected the demand and then people just didn’t care to do them after the lockdown in June.

we do residential and some large commercial (no storefronts). I’ve never had to go door to door to find work. This is purely just online marketing.

You guys had a lock down in 2021? Where are you located ?

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toronto canada. We locked down through the winter all the way till around May-June. Brutal…

Lock down? I’ve heard those words on the TV but turned it off to protect my children.


Wait is this because of Covid or winter ? I’m a little confused?

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We were up 31% over 2020.

It’s Covid. We’re used to barely/not working 3 months out of the year lol

It didn’t really affect us much here in KY, they tried to do an ‘essential service only’ BS in 2020 but we just went to work as usual. A few customers requested masks or outside only but no big deal.

Pressure washing was a real godsend for us as it’s strictly out only.