How do I compete Against this

[B]This is an add I found on Craigs list after a client of mine called to cancel. This was her reason:[/B]

Need Your Windows Cleaned?? Let Western Cleaning be the answer for your Window Cleaning and Pressure washing needs, either residentially and commercially. Western Cleaning stands by all of our work and providing the best and most affordable service in california, we beat all prices and guarantee your satisfaction or you don’t pay. And to our competitors looking for price matching we charge $4.75 per window no matter what size including french windows. Services included.

*Interior windows cleaned and scraped for paint removal
*Exterior Windows Cleaned and Scraped for paint removal and no charge hard water stain removal
*Screens Cleaned and Screening Stretch if needed.
*Tracks Cleaned and Vacuumed
*4 Free Mirrors Cleaned- Additional Mirrors $0.50
*7 Day Rain Warantee Included
*Receive a $25.00 Credit to be used on our Allready affordable handyman services. Call for a free in-home Estimate Bonded and Insured

[B][COLOR=“black”]I have already priced my windows to compete with alot this people which I found necessary being that I was new in the business and I needed to make money and so on, but this is what I’ve been running into alot. there is another guy in town charging 3 bucks a window. What do I do any thoughts?[/COLOR][/B]

Who competes on craigslist?

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]That ad sounds to good to be true. Find out if they’re for real before you get too worked up. They are probably a bunch of hacks. Do the math. I don’t believe it can be done. High end customers probably wouldn’t let them in their home.[/FONT][/COLOR]

Craigslist is for low ballers and bargain shoppers. Hang in there and don’t sell yourself short!:cool:

If those prices and services are legit, they’ll be out of business soon. NO ONE can run a business on those prices unless it’s a one-man show who lives on peanut butter sandwiches.

I feel your pain. There’s a lowballer in town doing storefronts for about $15/hour. And, he hasn’t raised his prices in over 10 years. How do I compete? Most all of my store front work is out of town. And, I have a 56 foot carbon fiber wfp. And, this guy doesn’t have ladders…just poles long enough to reach storefronts.
Compete by doing the things that they can’t. They can’t go out of town at those prices. They can’t do 4 & 5 story buildings at those prices. Just know that they’ll eventually be so busy, they won’t be able to take more work. Then that’s when you’ll get more calls. And, they won’t be able to hire help because they can’t afford to.

I have one company in town that has a rather nice neighborhood locked up because they charge half or less than everyone else in town. After talking to some of their former clients I found they don’t do high windows (3rd floor), difficult ladder sets, or anything that takes them to much time. One of them has another job and works windows part time for extra cash. To deal w/ this situation I don’t bid anything in that neighborhood because the few times I have these guys come in and underbid me. There’s to much glass here to be worried about these guys. My business is growing and I’m happy w/ that! Never compete on price! Sell yourself and you’ll be fine.:wink:

Photocheff, there’s a lot more at the top then at the bottom.

Sell your jobs on quality, not on price, and you’ll fair much better.

Lowballers come and go. Let their customers get a taste of their service or lack there of, and they will be calling you next time. Think of it this way, he has to do 2-3 jobs just to equal what you make on one.

As for Craigslist, It’s free advertising so of course you are going to get lowballers on there, and that is fine, the cheapskate customers that you don’t want to have to deal with anyway will go with the lowballer.

I would not say CL is for lowballers and bargain shoppers only. I have gotten several great dedicated clients off CL and they have no problem paying a premium price. And have also hired great services from there. I know to get good I have to pay good. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and smart consumers know this.

This guy is out of his mind. I wouldn’t worry about him. He will self destruct. Whatever pain he causes will be temporary.


Did you clean inside and out, including screens, tracks and sills in a hour? If so then I am going at turtle pace!

Just think if you charged by the window you would have made a lot more money! I charge 8 a window so that would have been $320 in one hour!

Remember that you can be busy, but are you making money? Its easy to stay busy with very low prices but are you making money?

I could hand out fliers today and book up my schedule til 2010 if I offered those type of deals. No Thanks…


Dude, that is the lowest prices I have ever seen. So you are charging around a $1.37 a window? (you can just feel the “low ball” term hovering over this)

That amazes me as much as the fact you cleaned 40 windows in an hour. I am very efficient and there is no way I could do that. Was it outs only?

:confused: WTF! I take it that was for basic exterior, just the glass, no screens, sills, tracks or anything. A splash-n-dash job were quality was not an issue, maybe.

I like that term "splash and dash:D. I have been referring to those types as “wet em and forget em”.


Well said Mister

You can’t go an hour without a ****ing cigarette?

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It will only get worse when you have to wheel around those oxygen tanks and your HoverRound gets stuck in someones mulch bed. :eek: cough, cough. Remember Larry started this hijack not me:D


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I thought mulch was outlawed in the Nineties?!