How do I politely decline this job?

A person called and left a message yesterday who I went out and bid a job for last year. This person wants me to clean their windows…

I don’t want to work for this person for various reasons, something is just not right about the person.

[B]How do I politely decline the work?[/B]

Thanks guys!

Depending on the reason, I have a list of young hard working guys just starting out that I pass on may “undesirable” clients. I give them the straight up reason why it’s not going to work with me so they know what they’re getting into.

I too have a guy I pass undesirables on to. ( no jack, it’s not you. :slight_smile: )
I tell them I am overbooked and can’t fit them in
I double their price.
Remember :
One does not have to justify why one does not wish to do the job unless one wants to

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I realize I didn’t give an answer to your question. I just say I’m not able to service them. Usually more information than that is not needed.

Whatever you do, you should not leave the reason open to the assumption that at a later date or under easily adjusted circumstances you WOULD deal with them. My opinion.

Thanks for the response guys! Now I just need to build up the courage to call 'em! lol

I’m with you there! It’s not my nature to fire customers or prospective ones, although I have done it a few times.

Just tell them you think it’s time to start seeing other window cleaners. It’s not you, it’s me. But we can still be friends.

Can’t believe your pulling the friend card !!!

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Quote of the week! You made my day!!! So funny

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You can always just mail them a response to avoid that dreaded phone call. Something like, “Dear Mr/Mrs. Customer, Thank you for the opportunity to bid on the window washing at your home, unfortunately at this time I will be unable to service your home. Sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused and I hope you can find another contractor to schedule your cleaning. Respectfully, You.”

I had a customer who ended up being undesirable to work for so I sent her a nice letter saying basically this and telling her good luck. She then called about 10 times but eventually when I never answered her calls she got the message.

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If I don’t want to work with someone I give them a ridiculous price, usually double what I would charge for whatever size job, that way if they’re dead set on using my services I am compensated for not wanting to actually do that work.

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Wow! If that doesn’t confirm you made the right decision, I don’t know what would. Good call!

There’s a beautiful solution right there: quote them double, then sub it out to another window cleaner for half and it’s a win win!

Maury Benamy- what you said is gold!

I think sending out a letter is the best idea, most convenient and least confrontational. Simply ingenious! :smiley: Thanks man, I [B]greatly appreciate all of your guy’s input[/B], it’s making a difficult situation a little bit more manageable.

I got an email the other day from a property manager who wanted me to give a bid on washing 5 properties around the state. I called asking for the addresses so I could put the bid together.

He said I cant have the addresses but gave me a description of the buildings, general sizes and siding material.

I asked what type of properties they are, hotels, motels, store fronts, office buildings or what?

He said the building description is all I needed to know to put me bid together.

I said no, I need to evaluate contamination on the property, the length of time to clean it, water supply, foot traffic, vehicle traffic, parking, working odd hours or weekends to accommodate tenants, etc…

He gave a chuckle and said I only need to know the description he already gave me.

His demeanor throughout the conversation has been snarky and condescending, so as politely as I could, I said - Life is too short for me to put up with idiots like you, please find someone else to clean your buildings

He was a loss for words as I heard him mumbling and trying to put a reply together

I said - have a nice day! and hung up

Give them the name and phone number of another window cleaner that you don’t really… Um…Care for. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Turning down work defeats the purpose of being in business. Price the job as needed, and take it.

^ What if the customer would be a financial risk, what if they are too cheap, want more for less, known for giving bad reviews, dishonest, un ethical…

I’ve learned one thing from forums that I will pass along to you buddy…
Think about what you are posting, before you post it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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