How do i start a window cleaning business in the winter?

So it is now close to winter, and i plan on starting a window cleaning business. I already purchased all of the equipment. But i wasn’t planning on starting this late, i actually wanted to start the business in the summer. I am thinking about waiting until the spring to start my window cleaning business, that sounds more reasonable to me.

Should i just start this winter, or should i wait until the spring time. Does anyone here clean windows in the winter, i am talking about in December and January when it is freezing. Is there some other type of service i can offer in the winter. I don’t want to delay starting a window cleaning business too long.

Start gutter cleaning now. It will help spread the word about window cleaning. Good luck

the easy answer you don’t

Many guys do commercial store fronts year round. I am fairly new and I have worked booked most of Nov and a few for Dec. Gutter cleaning is picking up as leaves fall from the trees. I wouldn’t wait till spring, but I also wouldn’t get too discouraged if you don’t get much business till spring. Save some money and start advertising first part of spring. Good luck

Like the others have said, wait until spring for window cleaning. If you want to start working right now, make sure you are up to speed on your gutter cleaning skills and then hit the ground running. Put an add in the local newspaper’s classified section, make a descriptive craigslist ad (with a link to your website hopefully), and pass out fliers like a madman. I get a couple of calls a day just from my cheap text-only newspaper ad. You don’t really have to sell gutter cleaning this time of year (unless you live in the desert) it sells itself.

I have usually thought of the newspaper as “old school” and instead have preferred to use internet marketing. However, what i have found about gutter cleaning is that a lot of older people need their gutters cleaned because they don’t want to climb ladders. Older individuals read the newspaper and will purposefully look in the classifieds for a gutter cleaner.

Good luck! Whatever you decide to do, either hit the gutters or wait for spring - you’ll do fine if you put your heart into it.

Don’t try to sell residential window cleaning during the winter; you’ll just get discouraged. Save your pennies until spring.

Like others said, you can make a killing in gutter cleaning right now but you’ve only got another 4 weeks or so before temperatures drop below freezing and gutter cleaning goes from 1 hour jobs to 5 hours of melting & chipping ice.

Either get started on your gutter cleaning advertising TONIGHT or wait until spring for it all.

I’ll just wait until the spring time to start. I did not even plan for gutter cleaning yet and i haven’t cleaned gutters before. It would be best for me to wait until spring. I was just trying to see if there was some type of indoor services that would be good to do for the winter.

spend the winter getting your marketing material ready for the spring, that way you have everything ready when spring comes around. You could also start practicing on your own windows and spreading the word to your friends and neighbors.

I’d say pound the pavement and get some store fronts. Many people start with store fronts. It’s a great time of year to start on store fronts, too. Many window cleaners who started in the warmer times will abandon their store fronts when it gets cold.
Hit up beauty salons. Wash their windows through the winter. Many ladies who do spend their money at the salon will also pay for window cleaning. Ask to leave your cards at the counter.
If you’ve got the fire now, get started now. There are companies out there that do store fronts almost exclusively, and make their living at it. If nothing else, it gets you started, and you’ll get lots of practice in over the winter and be more ready for the spring rush. You won’t make a living right off the bat with store fronts. But you’ll get started now.
I say strike while the iron is hot.

I just love living in Texas in this business. We don’t have bad winters at all in Texas so it doesn’t effect me at all. Honestly I’m busier in the winter, summer is slow months for me. I guess it really depends on where you live that will determine whether or not it’s gonna be empty pockets all winter or your so busy you can’t even see straight. Here in Texas everyone is cheaper in the summer because everyone is vacationing or would rather spend their money on the lake etc where in the winter everyone is slamming you with gutter jobs and wanting windows done on their homes because of all the different family gatherings they are having through the holidays etc. we get maybe two days of snow per year and barely get to lows in the 20s. Like I said, depends on where you are I guess but don’t get discouraged, you have to start somewhere. Regardless of the season you start it in it’s gonna take months to truly build the business anyway so it doesn’t really matter. In my opinion I’d start in slow season so your founded and well advertised for busy months.

I haven’t read any of the previous comments or the original post, but thought I’d offer my opinion since it’s the best. :wink:

This little nugget of advice has served me well, take it to heart and I believe you’ll think it’s a pretty cool idea.

Buy a razor blade to scrape the ice off the glass.

nah for real alcohol is my go to for cold weather when I absolutely have to clean when it’s cold out.

Still its best to hire professional window cleaner to save time and ensure the cleanliness.

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I’ve had a property management company find me off a craiglist ad. They gave me TONS of storefront glass to clean so i’m hoping that will hold me over the winter struggle. Ofcourse everything will be triple in price soon because of president Potato head.


Sometimes a referral you never thought would happen, happens. :slight_smile:

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