How do they call themselves window cleaners?

I got a call back from a commercial job for a HOA clubhouse that I put a quote in back in Oct. The potential asked if I could come and speak with a couple of the HOA members about a very very large indoor pool mechanical glass roof thing attached to the club house. After the grip and grin we walk the area again so they know 100% what they are getting cleaned and then we talk about the pool area. Long story short, they ask if I remove the screens? I was shocked at the question but get this. They got 2 other quotes and I’m not naming names as they showed me the written quotes. But man how in the world can some of these companys call themselves a window cleaning company. They were charging to remove and reinstall the screens. These are not crazy screens, 90% of the building is double hung. The only thing I don’t like is the screens are the type where the bottom sash needs to be open to pull the screen in. But still not big deal, clean inside and remove screen before you start. One guy wanted to charge $500 just for the screen removal. The other guy just told them flat out, he don’t remove the screens an they must have one of their staff do it. He said he would do it for a fee but never gave them the price.

Well thanks guys for that stupid way for doing business. I love you both. Because of your laziness, you both passed up on a $4500 gig and GUESS WHAT YOU MORONS. My quote averaged $1200 over both your costs. Oh and guess what again!!. I won’t be removing any screens either. My helper will.

That’s the way to do it Ray. Find a customer with a need and fill that need. :slight_smile:

Some people complain that there is not enough business out there and no wonder when they pull this kind of stuff.

Good Job!!


Charlie Laurie
A-1 Window Washers

I live in WA ST and for whatever reason it seems to be common out here for WC’rs to request screens be removed my property owners when dealing with condo/apartment buildings.

I don’t request it, but it seems common out here for whatever reason.

We only ask that they remove them, or charge them for removal/replacement, if we are only cleaning the outside glass.

i charge for screen removal, or give the customer the option to do it, have never had a problem with it. I dont go crazy with the price tho.

I’ve never heard of charging screen removal, I would have never thought about it, you mean thats not part of the service?
If you charge for screen removal, what do you charge, and what do charge to clean the window?

There is a guy in town who doesn’t remove screens, but still cleans them…which leads me to believe that he just uses his wc solution for the screens too.


Long time no talk,

I prefer and will take full advantage of having the customer remove the screens. If they ask, I request it. But if they don’t mention or ask about it we usually just remove them and put them back at no charge. Stuff inside next to the window (furniture and things on the window sill) is a different story.

There was a thread and I think it was on here, or maybe AUWC a couple of years ago about cleaning screens as part of the price of cleaning the windows. The prevailing sense I got back then was that you are unprofessional to not include it in the price and charge extra. But I know that many including myself always do a courtesy clean to a reasonable extent with the windows at no extra charge. If they want a deep clean, then I charge. I think with anything along these lines you need to simply be up front about it. Should there be a standard for this type of thing? I’m not convinced.

i worked for those type of companies for 10 years, thats why i can’t wait to go on my own.

I usually ask if they want screens cleaned and then factor it into the final price. I always assume I will be removing and replacing them unless they say they will do it.

I’m with Ray on this one. I don’t know how you can actually clean the windows without removing the screens. Seems to be a logical progression of events.

Now if you want the screens cleaned, let’s talk about it…

A courtesy clean meaning a quick brushing or wiping?

Isn’t something either clean or unclean?

I never ask if the customer wants the screens cleaned. I always explain that screen cleaning is part of my standard service – I don’t believe that an unclean screen should be replaced upon a clean window.

BTW, I hate it when places offer only a medium and large soft drink.

We clean screens for free if they simply want a quick wet wipe down but also offer our vip deep clean service. When I do an estimate for exterior only if they have screens on their windows its up to them to remove them as i explain on an exterior only clean i never come inside. Obviously if i can remove them while cleaning i will do otherwise they need to remove the screen themselves.

Also, when i mention this they often simply decide to have both done instead, interior and exterior instead.

Nicely done, Ray.

This is the key point. Their price was not the issue, it was the presentation of the price, and their interaction with the client that created the problem, right?

Another case of the power of marketing.

Cool result.

Yes, a quick brushing or wiping.
Do you clean frames or siding a little above the glass? (rhetorical question)
My standard service is as I stated. I’ll gladly do a spectacular job on screens for an added fee. That’s how I roll. My decision.
BTW, I hate it when you ask for onion rings and you get french fries.

With WFP, yes. With traditional methods, I wipe down all frames.

Problem solved: In-N-Out Burger does not offer onion rings.