How do YOU bill customers?

We have a few employees now and are having a hard time finding a good way to bill. Our technicians sometimes give out paper invoices after the job is completed and our secretary sometimes will email the bill and it’s getting super confusing to not have one uniform method of billing, especially because no one communicates about who already billed who.

We want to offer options to our customers but it’s getting confusing. What do you guys do for your billing and how does it work for you? Thanks in advance!

The crew presents a paper invoice and collects payment from the customers. If they aren’t home when the job is complete they leave a copy of the invoice on the door and bring the other copy back to the office. They put all invoices they haven’t collected in the A/R file and the office manager will contact the customers to make sure payment is received in a timely manner (either by mailing in a check or taking their CC over the phone)

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My system is pretty much like that, except replace “A/R file” with “my dining room table”.

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We email 100% of the invoices.
No crews involved in the billing system. Trying to keep the things simple as possible .
I found that is working best for me and for the customers over the years .

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Almost all invoices are emailed from Jobber. If the client doesn’t have an email address (very rare but it does happen), the invoice is sent regular mail.

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Quickbooks Online

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For rezzy- we send the invoice off as soon as payment is made from customer, usually right from thier dining room.
(We’ve never done a rezzy where the owners were not there at the start…)
As far as storefront, all invoices are emailed, (usually in the our vehicle still parked in front of the account useing invoice to go), but techs leave a SMALL “work completed and invoiced” chit with the manager

Paper invoice after the job is complete. Either they pay on the spot or aren’t home so then leave a copy in a self addressed envelope for them to mail out when they get back home. Pretty simple and straight forward. Plumbers, electricians, painters, landscapers, etc. have been doing it for years with great success.

All of my commercial and store front is all email invoices,they all pay via bank transfers. Resi can be same. I usually ask at time of quote how they want to pay i prefer them to use a eftpos/cc or bank transfer tbh. Saves me going to the bank, keep it all electronic, less paperwork.

All this being said, I have noticed that here only about 5% of the population have a cheque book , hell i don’t even have one. Eftpos/bpay is the norm, over half of my eftpos transactions are on non credit cards.