How do you buy your rubber?

[COLOR=Blue]Do you buy long lengths and cut it or buy specific lengths to fit you channels?

I have tried both and think I going to go back to buying specific lengths.

What do you do?[/COLOR]

Hey Steve…i have tried both

[COLOR=Blue]Thanks Craig, do you cut your rubber for your 6", 8", or 12" from the 18’s?[/COLOR]

We just buy gross of 14’ precut.

[COLOR=Blue]Do you then cut the 14" down to the smaller sizes?[/COLOR]

i personally buy 18 inch Ettore and

I buy 36" Ettore and cut it down. I only do residential and use about 12 different size channels.

Well for residential we really only use 14" and 6". The guys usually just cut out a 6" from the middle of a used 14"

and the commercial guys use 18" for their back flip

Wow. So you guys only use 2 sizes for all the different sized french panes out there?

Yeah basically. We really don’t do that many cut ups, + we use DI quite a bit. A few of our guys that have been around for a few years have accumulated a wider variety of channels.

I buy 36" and 18" lengths. I use the 36" sizes to cut down for all my channels except my 18" since it’s the size I use most often. My biggest channel is a 30" for storefronts.

We usually only use 16", 18" and 24" so these are purchased per size by the gross. Then as we find the need for smaller cutups we cut which ever works best… if we need a 12" we would cut a 24" in half giving use two…etc. We use a tool from sears that is like a scissors but the lower is a flat rubber piece and the upper is a replaceable razor blade. One snip cuts a perfect rubber.

that tool sounds interesting, do you know the name of it?

I have the Craftsman Handi-Cut:

More often, I simply use a pair of sharp Fiskars shop scissors.

craftsman handi cut, I posted a pic of it on another thread for tools

ruded silicone(most rubber is natural molded rubber.) It is softer, wears faster, and is only recommended for straight pulls.
I would imagine it doesnt work worth a crap in heat.:mad:

Anyone do this?

Let’s say you mostly use an 18" on your jobs but occasionally use smaller for cut ups. Well the first thing that gets trashed on the rubber are the corners. As soon as you notice the corners are dead, pull out the rubber and save it for your smaller channels and cut to fit. When I first started I bought all kinds of different size rubber, never again.

I typically cut-down used longer lengths of rubber for use in my detailing 6" squeegee.

Exactly! :slight_smile: