How do you charge for Gutter Cleaning

What is your method for charging?

My choice is not available – a combo of gutter length, access, degree of dirt, and distance to location.

A factor I always use is roof pitch. If I can’t walk it the price goes up. Also 2 story price is higher that one story.

How about what kind of cars they have? Just kidding,kind of.

One of my customers has a Maserati, as well as a couple of benzs and a h2 so I knew they would pay for a premium service so I pitched it like that and got the job.

I have a checklist

  1. Are they wearing a Rolex…Check
  2. Do they have nice cars…Check
  3. Is their house big…Check
  4. Do they have expensive things I might want to come back later at night dressed up as a ninja and take to a pawn shop to sell…CHECK!!!

Charge them out the butt…

Really though, I have a $100 minimum for Res. and ,(recently changed), a $15 minimum for Com. Bi-weekly.

ok that’s funny! Although I would come back dressed as a ninja turtle. That way when the whiteness report their observations they can tell the police that their mazeratti was stolen by Raphael.