How do you clean a skylight above a pool?

Hi, I am a new waterfed pole practitioner, and have recently taken on a huge job, the hard part is a huge skylight above a pool, I estimate the skylight at 50feet to 60feet long, by 30feet to 40feet wide. and its 15 feet at lowest to 35 feet at highest point above pool. and there are beams that cross below the skylight as support girders.

Im trying to figure out how to clean the skylight without getting stuff in the water, Im thinking of covering the pool with a plastic sheet, and having a pump to remove the water that falls on the sheet.

How do the rest of you handle this kind of job?

how wide/deep is the pool?

I’ve done ceilings like that before by hand/short pole, with an aluminum plank and extension ladder.

carpet pieces on floors to protect them, tarp off the flooring around the pool to prevent any staining.

using clearwater with GG4 as a solution, any window dirt that gets in the pool should be dealt with by the pool filtration.

two person job, actually goes pretty fast, I’d recommend a cloudy day.

with a wtr-fd-pole? sounds like a steamy mess.

good luck, that’s a cool looking room.

Get Dewey to do it!

Yes I realize that 99.9995% of you will NOT know what I’m talking about.
Matt Perry is an awesome member here, and he has a loyal compadre named Dewey. :slight_smile:

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How do you clean a skylight above a pool? …the only way.

Do they have a pool cover? Most indoor pools have a cover as a legal requirement because the pool can’t be fenced off to protect playing children.
I do two of these which are so old and the glass is so greyed over that it doesn’t really make a difference anyhow.both customers really want the green mold off of the outside s
I break out the Unger aluminum n lite on these greenhouse roofs because the pole takes a good pounding from the roof edges and the aluminum can take it. And it’s real cheap.
Glass gleam for at triple concentration works really well on green roofs, I use an old Mr Longarm with a curved top section to get the downward angle to apply gg4 (HOT! Water). With a very abrasive porcupine strip washer,used only for this type of work because it will get very mucked up
You ll find that because of all the chlorine in the air all the time that the upper insides have a very light fogging. ESP will work very well there, buts hard overhead work

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Meant to say WFP will work very there…

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def this method for the inside… wfp all the way :slight_smile:

Break out the board shorts…

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