How do you clean the windows? Soakersto use, steel whool etc?

Ok so I have been cleaning windows for quite some time and I am just interested to see how you all do it. I will ussually use a microfiber soaker, scrub back and forth a little, use steel wool and then squeegee off. Does any one else charge more for steel wool? Is your basic window clenaing just scrubbing with a soaker and squeegee? In your experience, what is the best soaker to use in order to get off all the bug crap, tree residue etc? Looking forward to the answers.

The only time I really ever have to use steel wool is for hard water stains or a touch up after I have squeegeed the water off the window and I have missed something.

This microtiger sleeve is my favorite:

Pulex IPC Tbar Covers Window Cleaning


You dont need to use steel wool on every window. Yes, for us, a basic window cleaning is scrubber and squegee off, or waterfed pole. The only time that steel wool is needed is when we got light hard water stains or bee poop or something. For that, yes I charge more. The more time you spend, the more you charge.

Do you charge more on top of the original estimate or do you get face to face with every glass when your estimating and look for bee poop?

We scrub with a micro tiger, then squegee off. Anything more then that is charged. Now with that said, things like buckshot are removed, small amounts of paint over spray are removed, small amounts of anything is removed in the original price charge. If there is an excess of debris or hardwater that requires more then two scrubs the customer is charged. We stop cleaning the window, inform them, show them, then tell them the price. On large jobs over $600 if there is debris on 1 or 2 windows we will just take it off free. But once we get to a 3rd window that has an issue, we will stop cleaning and do a more thorough inspection of the entire home. My estimates are done over the phone so thorough window inspections are not possible until we are on site. Most of the time the customers do not want the entire home scrapped or a hardwater removal service. So we just move on with a standard cleaning.

Very nicely done.