How do you clean your sleeves? and how often?

Just a question I want to put out to WCR nation.

How often do you clean your applicator sleeves? How do you do it, and how often?


Hey Mike

We just toss our sleeves in the wash with the towels everyday.

Is it necessary to wash your sleeves? if so what are the benefits

I just give them a thorough rinse at home every couple of days or everyday if they’re really bad.

same as Chris, we throw them in the wash with the rags every few days or so.

I encourage everyone during training to change them often as possible. Nothing like the smell of a rotten strip washer filling up a customers million dollar home. Not to mention, if one of our guys doesn’t work for 2 or 3 days in a row and they come back and open their tool box…:frowning: Yummy… get ready do get knocked on your ssa by the stench.

It doesn’t take much to clean them, like chris said, throw them in the wash with the towels and sort em out later.

I usually clean them for appearance more than anything else. Every now & then on a particularly dirty clean they will go straight in for cleaning & especially if I reckon grit has got in to them as well. Fabrication debris - no thanks.
I never leave them in a toolbox: let 'em breathe, that would be like Larry opening his lunchbox at midday.

My strip washer never stunk up a place. I admit, I’m extremely lazy for cleaning my sleeves. Sometimes I don’t wash them for more than a year. But I don’t take them off the applicator unless I’m going to wash them. And I try not to let water sit in my bucket over night. I never had any nasty smell though.

A year? :eek: How was it not growing mushrooms?

I had you down for one of these…

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I don’t let it stay wet. Like Mark, I give it a rinse when it gets dirty.

Is moist = wet?

What do you do?

I keep a 5 gallon bucket with water and bleach in the truck. At the end of the day, my rags and washers go in there. That way I only wash them 1/week, and they’re not rotten when I get them out.

A year? Wow. I am fanatical about keeping our T-Bar sleeves clean. They get washed at least twice a week, in with the regular window clenaing towels, seperate from the microfiber towels.

Clean water + clean T-Bar sleeve + new rubber = BETTER WINDOW CLEANING.

Bleach is not recommended for microfiber products.

I’ve heard that… If you keep it a light solution, it prevents bacteria but also does not damage the microfiber. I’ve done this for a long time with no adverse effects. Just don’t use too much bleach.

I believe the main purpose for cleaning sleeve’s [U]Regularly[U][/U][/U] is for many reasons (1) sand & grit/dirt would be my main concern regarding sleeve’s for exterior applications. (2) there reek if you don’t wash them (3) appearance i hate mankie looking strip washer sleeve’s.

That’s partly why im so fond of the “Blue Max” sleeve even when it’s dirty it doesn’t look nearly as bad as the typical white or yellow sleeve’s.

Interior is a bit different Pulex “Micro-fiber” all the way;)

Bleach is good for whiting some things like pick-up towels but…too much eats them up the stitching & threads take a beating.

I usually buy the yellow ones. I never ever had a reeking smell.

I don’t keep it in water overnight.