How do you get rid of lines while fanning?

Recently I was fanning the windows on the inside of a home. They looked great from the inside, but when I was doing the windows from the outside, I could see arc lines where the squeegee had traveled. Of course, I went back in and cleaned them with a towel. I’ve been cleaning glass for 11 years, and have been fanning that entire time. However, I still get those faint dirty water lines where the squeegee travels. The rubber was fairly new, so that shouldn’t be the problem.

If you have found the secret to fanning without leaving those lines, would you please let me in on it?


Brian Anderson
Master’s Window Cleaning, LLC
Sacramento, CA

Fairly new? We at least flip our rubbers every morning, and get a new one every other day. That is the only thing i can think of…since you have been doing it so long you know your technique.

I would also say it’s the rubber. What brand are you using and how do you define fairly new?

Hey! I just posted the same problem! Too funny, I’m reading the posts here and seeing some decent answers. The question seems to be, how often do I need to change the rubber? It seems as though you’ve been doing this for some time and are still encountering the problem!? If you find an solution, please send it my way, I will do the same! Cheers.

I probably had 4 or 5 hours of use on the rubber when I noticed the lines.

Brian Anderson
Master’s Window Cleaning, LLC
Sacramento, CA

It probably got nicked on the job then

look at the corners of the rubber if they look worn either flip the rubber or get a new one, 1 rubber lasts me about 2 homes in/out. I’ve been using ettore rubbers and they work best for arizona, i’ve tried unger and sorbo rubbers and i concluded they aren’t as good as ettore.
You could be getting lines from the kind of solution you are using and from amount of water you apply to the window. I’ve tried different soaps on the market and gg4 and dish soap tends to be the best as far as streaks. basically try and learn

Too much soap, particulate water or a bad blade. We change our blades evey day and do not encounter this problem nearly as much as when I first started.

That’s a good guess.

Could it be that your channel is bent? I switched back to Ettore recently and have noticed that the rubber wears out faster and gives me those archs as well. I also can not flip my rubber and use the other side as when I do it streaks. The Sorrbo rubber never did that to me, I could always flip it and I never got aching off the tips. The Sorrbo has also lasted longer, so once I am out of Ettore rubber I am going back to Sorrbo even though I prefer the ettore channel and pro grip handle.

It is not the soap, not the rubber, but the technique. You basically want to start a dry edge and as you fan and the blade is almost upside down, you want to give it a little flick of the wrist to knock off any water on the very edge. I only use fanning on large pane windows but for small windows like residential homes I always do side pulls to make sure job is perfect. If it is sunny then I will fan if I can see instant results but if it is in the shade and I cannot really see, then I do side pulls which gets the job perfect every time.

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Jkim was back?!

try a moerman rubber , i say that because my own workers and i thats 4 of us use this and i rarely see a line . we cross check each others work so would spot a problem. moerman rubber isnt pricey ,not over here in the uk anyway. buy in 42inch strips sealed packs from the factory

never buy rubber thats cut down to size [possibly by the middleman] they are usually ruined by the middleman in my experience