How do you get Silicone sealer off of glass?

I am new to this forum so I would greatly appreciate your help. I recently did the windows on a house that hadn’t been done in 9 years and had never had the construction mess cleaned off them in the first place. There was silicone sealer all over them and I could not get it off. I have done many construction clean-up jobs and never had a problem. I usually just use a triumph scraper and some elbow grease but this was a film over the whole window. Any ideas on what to use besides a scraper? Thanks

magic eraser?

oil-flow or de-solv-it applied with a white pad may work. If it’s baked too long in the sun, the gunk may have bonded with the window’s film. I think past a certain point, the windows can’t be cleaned, they need glass renu / polishing.

Thanks for the suggestions, most of the windows in my area are low-E so the bronze wool probably won’t work but I am going to give the magic eraser idea a try, I use them for other cleaning anyway.

Titan Oil Flo…

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Use a 1.5 " scraper and new blade obviously soap up the area being scraped first … for silicone it has to be a new blade and those narrow 4 cm ( 1.5 cm scrapers) the narrow blades enable more pressure on the area being worked a wider blade would partly slip over the silicone because this what silicone is plastic ( rubber ) and waterResistant the smaller blade enables you to get under the silicone and remove it from the glass… any stubborn residue left you could use some fine steel wool… i normally find a new sharp blade works well… a box of one hundred blades is really cheap and fantastic value

im guessing since the home is 9 years post construction and no CCU has been done then the silicon is dried. i like to use xylene to soften it which most times also removes it as well. definately a new sharp blade with soapy water as a lubricant works wonders but i’d get a waiver since this is CCU work. i have also used laquer thinner, mineral spirits, denatured alcohol and bronze steel wool. if the low e coating is on the proper side you shouldnt have to worry about using these products.