How do you handle collecting reviews?

we’ve been trying to collect more reviews to boost up our image however even though we have a follow up email and we ask people to leave a review - people still seem to be hesitant. I’m aware also that you can offer any compensation for leaving a review… how on earth do companies get 50-100 new reviews each month then? Any tips?

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yeah was looking at them. Do you have any experience using them?

i have about 240 google reviews almost all 5 star plus many on facebook many more on nicejob and over 50 on groupon i think the total is over 500 for a 4.9 average and yes it makes a difference.
NEVER pay for reviews.
your invitation must include a link that takes them directly to where they will put their review.
every time i send a bulk email to thank customers i always add a special additional thank you for those who have taken the time to write us a review AND a link they can use if they would like to write a review now.

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i have been using nicejob for several years

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so maybe its using nice job that makes the difference… we just use the automated email setting in customer factor to leave reviews. It also allows me to write a nice HTML email with a link to where they can leave reviews. I send them out the day after the service… Could that be the issue? When do you send out your nice jobs?

no it’s not just nicejob. i had more reviews than anyone else in my city before i started with nicejob and i was small and new.
nicejob is a good tool but like all good tools it must be used correctly.
we had a script for nice job that was absolute dynamite for reviews but they changed something about the system and our results dropped significantly but it’s still good.
all of our communications talk about how hard we work to earn 5 star reviews and we really appreciate them.
josh latimer has a couple good podcast about getting reviews, bobby walker has a good and he over 500 on google (journey of a new entrepenour) dave moerman has a good one with the owner of elite window cleaner
this forum is good but it alone is nowhere near a complete education you must learn grasshopper, the truth (info) is outthere.

now… what are the tv references in this post?

i actually did not send using nice job this year i sent a nicejob link in my tcf emails we talk about 5 star reviews to our customers a lot
(the reason i used tcf to send the nice job link is it was easier and tcf screwed up their photo upload so we can no longer use it, so we cannot easily add pic. very disapointed i used the photo upload alot)

very informative. I’ll check those references. This convo has been really insightful

Our marketing agency recommended we use a program that sends a text with a fancy link and picture to peoples phones after we’re done but man…I don’t want to bust 400/month on that.

nicejob allows you to text with a photo of customers house wit 3 or 4 automated email follow ups under 100 per month sotellus allowd you to gather video reviews i have it too but shamefully have not used it yet. this year for sure! both also enable customers to leave a review if they do not have social media and both have widgets for your website and social media sharing. evry time we publish a google review nicejob auto posts it to our facebook page

Here is away that’s worked for me. If you go into my business app image

Scroll down to share profile. You can email /text a link to them when your done with your job.

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here’s another:

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