How do you keep track of your route work schedule?

Do you guys use a calender or a computer program or what? Thanks.

For route The Customer Factor is excellent. It’s clunky but gets the job done.

For residential House Call is good.


just my icloud so its on all my devices

The customer factor, work good over all. (Payed subscription program)

Do a search here for it.

For now you can use Google calendar to schedule everything since your starting out, it’s free.

1 Like is excellent.

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My route is on paper, residential and heavier commercial accounts are booked in The Customer Factor.

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Why not use tcf for everything? Just curious.

I dunno, just didn’t feel like doing the data entry for all of it


Planning a journey to minimise travel time is tve way to go on route work. Any app that pins customers on a map and hyperlinks their details (date next due, price charged etc) to the pin is brilliant.

Take note you guys at has this for example. Also link to web based accounts packages (xero/quickbooks)

2003 version of microsoft office. I use the spreadsheets to make up a master schedule for each day of the week. I make up my master schedule a year in advance. It takes time on the front end, but saves an enormous amount of time on the back end. For the 1st 20 years i did everything on paper, for the past 7+ years I’ve done it this way. No comparison.