How do you measure a awning?

If I am pricing a awning cleaning by the square foot, how do you measure it?
Do you need a ladder and a measuring tape?
Is there a formula? Thanks

Measuring width is easy - just walk it out. You can guess the height, or depth of it from the ground as well. Clean a couple and then you will know how to price just from eyeballing it.

We measure the width and height of each awning. Width times height equals square feet of awning.

Here is a photo of the tools I use to get a good measurement.


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Wayne I have a measure tape and a distance roller
What is the red thing?

Battery operated laser for measuring distance. Available at HD and Lowe’s.

An measuring tape.

A laser measurer! What will they think of next?
O.k. Basically measure with by width x hight.
But dies this hold true for different shape awnings?
Looking from the side some have a triangular shap while others are rounded. Does the shape matter or am I over over thinking this?

Wow. My iPhone is changing my words…
Measure width by hight

On some awnings with different shapes you may have to use geometry to figure the square footage. Like ones with half domes and canopies. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky, but in time it’s gets easier.