How do you price CCU / Corrective Cleaning?

I’m curious how everyone goes about phone estimates and determining whether a CCU or corrective cleaning is needed. How does everyone go about this? How do you determine a price?

I’ve personally gone back and forth with methods. Let’s hear how you explain this to customers, or even forewarn them of a potential price hike if these conditions apply, WITHOUT coming off as a bait and switch.

I’m sure there are guys that do not charge extra for a corrective cleaning, so lets hear why or how you justify this.

what is classified as a corrective cleaning?
using a scraper?
hardwater removal etc [MENTION=3449]rivet0r[/MENTION]

If the glass hasn’t been touched in years, and it’s not going to clean up with the basic steps and razor/pad is necessary for most or all windows. Oxidation, a lot of bug doo, minor mineral deposits, all that still require more than a simple mopping, etc.

Do you treat this differently?

$2 extra per window

How often do you get that? For me pretty rare that bad.

When I do I get to the job and tell them price quoted was for x type of grime
this is beyond that.

When they don’t understand I tell them
you bought the $12 car wash this requires the $50 detail which do you prefer?

Quite often, especially on the exterior, obviously. Glass needs some love when neglected… Can’t see it being much different down your way, but maybe the moisture down there helps.

Do you forewarn them while giving them your estimate? And what kind of mark up?

Some customers may see an on-site price hike as a bait and switch and I try to avoid that. Time wise, it can really add to the job.

I need to qualify this by saying I’m not a perfectionist

but overall I don’t do to many houses where I feel that it’s an issue.

I’m sure there are guys that do not charge extra for a corrective cleaning, so lets hear why or how you justify this.[/QUOTE]

Its not a bait and switch if you arrive, show them the problem, show them a solution, show them how long it takes to solve the problem and what the results will be, then re-estimate.

As far as cost… andwhere from 2x to 15x the price, depending on how bad it is.

Be upfront and honest and tell them why it takes additional time to clean them. I say something along the lines “Understand these windows are initially expensive to clean, everything needs to be removed from the glass surface or they won’t look nearly as good, they won’t stay clean as long, you won’t be as nearly satisfied if I pay less attention to detail, and . . . they’ll be much easier to clean the next time around so I’ll be able to give you a better price.” I will be anywhere from $4 to $10 more per window than my regular price on CCU’s and older houses.

I don’t usually charge more for extra dirty windows that require just scraping. If I have to use chemicals or my Mr Hardwater, then I charge as much as $10 more per window.

For CCU, I don’t do many, if any, without looking at the job and doing a bid. Contractors want it in writing and don’t want to worry about the price going up after the bid. There is just too many variables with CCU.