How do you price screen replacement of a whole house?

This is almost exactly what we do

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For standard insect screens we start at 15 mesh only. Larger starters at 20-25 doors 35. Aluminum screens are at least double the price. Screen replacement is an excellent up sell. Can be done in minutes usually.


Up sold 2 homes yesterday on screen replacement. We also did some faux wood blinds dusted 2 lights and a fan. $230.00 in up sells. It adds up quickly


I up sell fan cleaning, high dusting, light bulb replacement. Almost any thing that requires a tall ladder. But I also try to upsell pressure washing, house Washing, Roof Washing and gutter cleaning first. Two weeks ago I turned a window cleaning job from $650 to $2300 byou up selling my other primary services. First I chase the dollar then I go after the coins. I just don’t like doing screens and out source that service


Great thread. We have done a couple entire houses one with 30 screens. $20 a screen all the way up, new mesh and spline. Very happy customers.

Tedious work.

Do you guys do screen repairs right on site? Whats your setup? Such a pain taking away screens repairing and returning to put them back in especially when its just 1 screen.

Making a new screen a lot of homes have custom frames that are next to impossible to get.

Not the greatest experiences with screen repair and replacement - a lot of headaches.

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at first read i thought you wrote “i upsell fanning”

as in: "strait pulls, the job will be $200, fanning: $250



So when you do have specialty screens that need corners replaced. Does everyone just place an order on the parts at crlaurence and then schedule the job when they arrive? What is the best system for getting just a couple specialty parts. Special color corners for instance.

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If I can’t get the material and parts that I need locally from Lowes or the local aluminum and screen supply I tell people that it is proprietary windows (which it almost always is) and they need to go through the manufacturer.

In my opinion, if you wish to really delve into screen repairs as a major part of your service then you should have enough business to keep common, and some not so common, supplies in stock.

I offer screen repair as an up sell that serves well for the greater majority of the screens that I run across, but it is not a major focus of my window cleaning business to the point of stocking hard to obtain or holding screens until uncommon parts can be shipped to me. I leave those for specialty screening businesses.

So how did this job work out Dean?

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Well I put in the bid and she said they will have it done in the spring time but not now since it’s winter. She is a good customer of mine so I’m sure it will work out. This will allow me time to buy a set of those aluminum support pieces for a screen table to prevent any bowing on the large ones.

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Just get your setup together this winter and push this add-on hard and heavy during the spring rush.

I would like to get one of those fold up white plastic tables and keep it with me for screens. But the Tacoma bed is limited for space as it is. I keep going back to the idea of getting a big van for everything. Then I can have my stack ladders and a little screen table with me on jobs. One day.

Would a folding table like this fit in the truck, I dont know all the gear you carry, but heres an idea…

That’s exactly the one I’m looking at getting. I also store my sectionals in the back to cut down on time untying ladders but I have to put them diagonal across the bed. Then a couple totes of tools and water jugs and before you know it its full. I’ll just have to except it and tie them up top with my extension ladders.

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Yes. What documentation do you need? Aaron

I have a screen company make them for me and all i do is bring them
to them and they give me a cash discount and I add my price to there for labor.
about $10 a screen but I allready have to take them down so its only $10 to put back the new
ones.They pay all the cost to get new ones made. Most are happy with this .

how about a photo of an invoice and the screen it’s referencing

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Well get a quote from your local window company for an estimate quote and you will have your proof. Window companies normally make two trips to measure build and install the screen or screens.