How do you price screen replacement of a whole house?

I do screen repair for $20 a screen to replace the screen material right now. The customer asked me to replace almost all of her screens today, and what I want to know is what kind of pricing do you do when you do a whole house? My thinking was buy 5 get one free and so forth bundling it together as you go. The more you buy the more of a discount you get. I’ve never asked really what other people charge when it comes to this so any advice or suggestions about how you do it would be wonderful

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no way. i feel like your price is under priced to begin with. for me rescreening is time consuming

With aged screens comes aged frames and connective elements. Be sure of exactly what you will be replacing before you go giving money away. Perhaps a 5% to 10% discount for a bunch of screens?

I buy 22 gallons of gas for my van every week - no discount is given to me.
I buy 12 months a year of electricity, cable, telephone service, water/sewer - no discount offered.

Just something to think about when you feel you should be giving money away.


I would not discount the price.

Agreed with everyone else. Any bigger operation that offers “discounted” pricing most likely has plenty of wiggle room. Charge higher normally, get materials for cheap, and have workers doing it. I feel at your pricing you don’t really have that wiggle room.

i greatly appreciate the feed back @aviloria @Garry @wcs @Streakerfree. That makes sense to me. Heck i don’t do any windows for free just because there are more. I guess when you are new to something you don’t always realize your value. I only started screen repair recently so its a new thing to me. The screens are actually not falling apart or anything, her husband pressure washed the house and hit a lot of them when doing so. so there are lines across a lot of them. I think one or two has a broken corner as well. So what do you guys charge to replace just the screen material and then also to replace a whole screen?

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15-20 to re screen, 40-45 for a new screen

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I would bump that up. Most hardware stores charge $25 to $35 just to re-screen. And that’s if the customer drives to the hardware store, dropped them off, drove back to the hardware store to pick them up, and then reinstalled the screens themselves. I imagine you’re taking the screens home/to your office, then driving back to the customer’s house, and reinstalling the finished products. A lot more legwork on your end but you’re charging half the going rate.


Find a screen person you can out source it to. The only time I rescreen/rebuild is if I break a screen. 35 to rescreen 50 + to read build

There’s no reason to do that, screen repair is a simple process with a little practice. If you having any questions PM I can walk you through the process.


I talked with a member named doc. a large part of his business is screen repair/new build. to get materials at a low cost requires a large purchase and screen table. the rescreening part is much cheaper to do but it is tedious to get the screen perfect. Its just something i dont like doing it although it seems like it would be good to have for the winter instead of cleaning windows

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Its a great add-on for the spring.

Its not a great add-on for winter, if you live in a cold climate.

why not winter it dose not snow where im at. it just gets cold 32 during the day time. seems like it would be easy to go take screens off take it to garage and work on them; then reinstall them on customers house. I have no idea what the demand would be during the winter since i dont do it unless i break it.

Normally screen repair during the winter is the last things people are think about, but during the spring when the weather is nice people are opening the windows to enjoy the fresh spring air.

If your removing the screens and taking them back to your shop ect and traveling back to reinstall it cuts in to time/profit.

If your talking about doing them in a customers garage normally there are car(s) parked in there ect, it gives you limited space to work.

i was talking back to shop. I think it will be something that i reconsider in the future. this coming year my focus will be on restructuring my business to doing as much pressure washing/soft washing business and windows as an add on

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Good move! Do you have a go-to company to buy from? If not, i can recommend.[quote=“aviloria, post:15, topic:40237”]
pressure washing/soft washing

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it’s right for us and our market


Window companies charge 100 per screen…


[1466637012783_tws.3.jpg]Aaron & Tonya Deines
The Window Specialists, LLC
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206-999-4077 Washington
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50 dollars for a whole new screen. 15 dollars for new mesh only, 5 dollars for new tabs, 5 dollars for new springs. If you are buying everything from Lowes or Home Depot you should charge twice as much. haha

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can you document this?

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