How do you remove a stuck RO membrane?

I have two stuck RO and DI filters (4 x 40) and they are both stuck in the housing. I don’t want to take housings apart, and was wondering how can you remove these filters? Last year I had to take housings off the cart, and ended up putting my pry bar right through the DI Cartridge. A little messy, all over my front stairs.


Kevin Barret
Squeaky Clean Window Washing
Anchorage, AK

DI cartridge use hot water around the threads to heat up and that should make the cartridge easy to remove. RO membrane I have read that you can put your hose one the discharge end and turn water on to push the cartridge up so you can grab and remove the rest of the way. I haven’t had to remove my RO from Wash-It Pro yet and its been two years hoping to get through this year before I have to do so.