How do you restore a skylight

Anyone? I figured using one of those headlight restoration kits would work but, im not gonna throw down on that if i can just use something like Cerium Oxide… i’m also not going to experiment on a high end customers home either :slight_smile:

If it’s glass then a Glass Renu system. If it’s the plastic type then one of those headlight repair kits is a good way to go.

Assuming it’s not a blown seal and the restoration is only involving the outer surfaces. I guess we’d need more information on the restoration before recommending a 2 grand piece of equipment or anything for that matter? At least I would.

if you plan on using the headlight restoring kit, your gonna be there a while. if they are the kind you can buy at home depot, it’s gonna be cheaper to put a new one in.

my bad… it’s plastic and shes gonna get new ones installed!! WOO HOO!

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