How do you save videos on youtube to your harddrive?

How do you save videos from Youtube to your harddrive? Or is that not possible?

Mr Mike

there are a bunch of programs that do it…

I have been meaning to try this one…

I believe there is a free trial…

I use, I haven’t worked out or tried how to save the videos from google? Any tips?

Is that 1 free Karl?


I should have expanded on that. You copy the url on YouTube in to the box - then click go to save. If you have any trouble viewing the downloaded video - just get GOM player - it plays all file types.

If using Firefox to browse the internet, install Download Helper. It’s a free add on for Firefox.

As soon as you arrive to a web page that has a video you want to download, the toolbar icon for Download Helper will animate telling you there is something on the page you can download. Click and select the video file.

Thanks Chris. It works.

I got the free trial, and downloaded all of Don’s videos to my computer.

Mike I was thinking about doing that to… how long did that take to get them all?

I’d say about 3 hours. Each video takes about couple minutes to download, and he has over 60. I have a high speed cable modem.