How do you store your Rubber for squeegees?

I have been ordering different hardness, length, and brands of rubber for my squeegees. However they have all cane in some crappy box or plastic shrink wrap. Nothing can be reused and protect he rubbers.

I was wondering what everyone else uses.
Because I work at a hardware store and get things so cheap, I can run with an idea for mine that I really enjoy now. Curious if others have tried this and how they feel, or other ideas?


Nice. I’ve seen some organize their spare channels in a pvc tube. Rubber I just generally toss in my tool box inside the plastic bag or box or whatever it came in.

Ur a genius

I used to do that, actually for much longer than I wish to admit. (Seven years) and I always ended up with smashed, knicks, flung around truck because I needed something inside of where I was storing it.

So many scenarios I’m not going to type them all.
I’ve seen those Ettore plastic tube things that some receive, however, I have never received anything close to that in my orders.

So I figured I can reuse all those stuff if this didn’t pan out.
I can cut the tubes shorter if needed but I like the size they are, and I can keep some water inside them that I refreshed every few days as to prevent mildew and other. I might try storing them dry soon and see how they survive.

I used 2” diameter pvc but I think 1.5 would have worked fine. And if 1.75 existed (pretty sure it doesn’t) that would have been best.

I’ll keep y’all updated… speaking of, anyone else have any awesome ideas or inventions they have done lately.

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One more I just finished, along side somenothers for my Ettore. This way I have both hard and “soft/med” whatever you want to call Ettore.

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Small Rubbermaid Box.


I just organized :wink:
10s 12s 14s 24s 30s


It’s a cool idea. If ya have the room An it works. I like it, but it will take up space

How about these? they come in 36" or 48" lengths


How cheap? And how strong?

not sure- here is the link:

Here’s some options:

I think the acrylic would be pretty tough. But the polyc is cheaper.

They’ve also got square and round caps.

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what brand is that coiled up rubber in a plastic bag?

Looks like sorbo wide body