How feasible is Awning Cleaning from a car?

I’ve been doing WC for about 5 months now, all from my car. I can fit my 16’ and 30’ poles in my car so it seems to work out fine. I was in a downtown area the other day trying to pick up some biz and had several people ask about awning cleaning. One person went on to tell me they tried finding somebody to clean their 3 businesses downtown and couldnt find anybody who would. There is a huge demand and I was wondering -

How feasible is doing Awning Cleaning from my car?

If it is feasible, what basic equipment will I need to do the jobs?

Ladder, extension pole, brush, pump-up sprayer, hose, nozzle, chemicals, and caution signs will get you started, even in a car.

Search for Awning Rejuvanation Systems International and Do-it-right products (both in Florida) for products, pricing, tips, and techniques.

Also give this web site a good read.

I’ve never done any awning cleaning but it seems there are two ways of doing it. Cheaply with cheap poor results (including possibly damaging the awning) or expensive with top notch results even prolonging the life of the awning. Decide which way you want to go.

Thanks for the info! I talked to some guys the other day who used to do awning cleaning. Now they stay so swamped just installing awnings that they dont clean them anymore but they gave me some great info to get started.

Anybody know of a good forum dedicated to awning cleaning?

Not a forum, but a great resource:
Patrick Analore, Razzle Dazzle Window Cleaning, Inc., (Oviedo, Florida) has raved about products for years.

He recommends their chemicals and tools, including:
SkyMop Adjustable “T” sponge and scrubber mop (

[email protected]

The guys I talked to suggested that site also. I saw that sky mop and sky sponge but the description didn’t give me enough info I need (in my opinion) to make an informed decision about whether or not to get them or stick with brushes like this - ( The guys I talked to get 3 brushes with bristles no longer than 2" long (so they wont mat), course, med. and soft and to use the softest brush on a job that will clean the awnings well. I already have an unger elbo adapter. It looks like the T-sponge has a built in angle adpter. It looks like the T-Sponge may hold a lot of water, making applying the cleaning solution easier though.

BTW llaczko,I saw you on the TheGrimeScene forums. It appears that that forum doesnt get to much action anymore.

Here is another great introductory site for any one getting into canvas awning cleaning - Awnings | Canopies | Pergolas | Sunbrella.

I used to pop in there alot, but too busy of late. Like Chris and Alex here, I really appreciate the opportunity for discussion that Rod and Beth provide at TGS.

Yea the grime scene rules… Theres so much good stuff there…

Well… Im going visit the TGS some more then. Sounds like a valuable resource! I only read through the ‘Awning cleaning’ section.
sigh… another countless set of hours in my life I have to look forward to being glued to my monitor :eek:

A lot of people have drifted away from TGS due to overly zealous moderating (editing, deleting posts) but it seems to have settled down. I have started posting there again, testing the waters.
My personal issues aside I’ll tell anyone that it was a great resource and it was a shame that it slowed down. I have met Beth and Rod in person and if anyone can put TGS back into its prime, Beth can.

Russ asked me to moderate a window cleaning forum at but it didn’t take off. They just want to spray hot water on concrete all night long.
For unmoderated PW talk (we use self-control, no mods) check out .

I used to post on there - what used to be called “the grime scene”. I also put loads of awning cleaning pictures up, but I think they disappeared. I had a spat with someone about pressure washing awnings. I said it damaged them, he said no way. I agree if you can wind the pressure down or the awning is smaller than 5 feet, but over that - you’ll just get ‘sag’ - depending on frame construction. Saying that, I haven’t cleaned an awning for at least 6 months. Its a good paying job, but I don’t particularly like doing them.

It’s still called The Grime Scene- TGS for short.
If you had a spat wit a Moderator then I’m not surprised that stuff disappeared. I didn’t even get into a spat, just asked why someone else’s posts were being edited and deleted and my posts were deleted, too.
I chose to stop participating at that point.
To Beth’s credit, she has changed the way editing is handled so that there shouldn’t be any more anonymous ‘disappearing’ of posts.

I don’t think the pics disappeared over a row, I think they lost them due to Forum problems with size. Pity really - I’ve lost most of them myself now :o

Someone also had a problem about my signature - I didn’t have one, that was after 6 months of being away before they even had signatures. I post some info & all they could do was have a go at the blank space under my post. I dunno really, it was more a pressure washing forum than for window cleaners, I just moved on.

LOL, thats funny no matter how you picture it.
I went to that DIY WFP site I saw on your (Karlos) site the other night. It looks really interesting. I would love to make a few when I have the $ but the site has SSOooooo many threads and no search option
(that I could find). It also appeared that most or all the posts are from UKers and around there. I have no idea how much a quid is or even how many of the parts mentioned are available in the States:confused:

I think you’ll find most of the stuff in States, hell - even I have to order from the States for stuff I can’t get in the UK. A quid is roughly $2.