How is @ Cost going?

I noticed a ton of members placed orders in the last week on our new @ Cost Printing site - Home | At Cost Printing

How is everyone finding the site? Any major hiccups? Any Minor?

While we do actually intend to allow downloads of material directly from the site… ( what you are getting printed )

The best place to do bulk downloads is the member sites located here:

Window Cleaning Association and Organization - The WCRA

and here: Pressure Washing Association and Organization - The PWRA

I would love to hear your feed back…

Such an AWSOME idea to have this as a separate website! There are so many options it’s mind boggling!
Great idea guys! [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION] [MENTION=4]Alex[/MENTION]

Cleaning Services
Pismo Beach, Ca

I believe I was the first person to make an order.

I had no hiccups and found the process easier than the old one (which was easy enough).

Steve informed me on Saturday our cards should arrive Wed (today). I guess if I was fishing for anything, I never got a tracking number. Had I got that I would not have needed anything.

Only problem I have is that Steve won’t hand deliver them to my house.

Dude, you live like 15 minutes away. C’mon!

I found it real easy to use. No complaints here. Easy to follow instructions, quick to see prices, fast and hassle free.

Easily one of the best beneFiTs of bEing a WCRA/PWRA member.