How long do you take with wfp?

Hey everyone

I was just wondering how long you all take to wfp a house.

For example, I’ve been doing a few per day. Exterior only and the areas I’ve been canvassing are mainly crank-out windows with screens inside. So a 2500 sq/ft home (15/yrs old, 2 story) with about 30 windows that haven’t been cleaned in a few years takes me about an hour and a half including set-up and clean-up of my equipment.

The windows turn out great and customers are happy with my work and service.

I hear of people doing similar (first time) cleans in much less time than that. I am new this year so I’m not a veteran but I feel I have got it down pat but would like to know if I’m taking too muck time per window and frame.

I would also like to hear any feedback from you guys as to what I price. That particular house in the example I charged $120 at the door and started cleaning the windows about 20 minutes later.

I have noticed that some windows are a pain in the *** to reach. Any tips on how to reach some difficult windows/angles with wfp? I would throw a ladder up but that kinda butts heads with the fact that I am selling the “safety factor” to them by telling them that risk will be eliminated using this system.

Thanks in advance.

The more complex the job the better the time savings will be. I have a huge house w/ true divided windows (all new) that I did the first time w/ a ladder. I did just the outs and it took about 9 hours. I now do it w/ the wfp and it takes 3 1/2 hrs on the outs and less than 9hrs to do in and out.

I cant really pin it down to a time however a dirty window normally requires a pre wash so a 30 window exterior normally takes around 2-3 minutes per window including the time it takes to move around etc, setup is about 10-15 minutes with a cox hose reel plugging in the wfp, checking the tds etc and around 15 to roll up the hose put away equip etc. I say 1.5 hours - 2 hours with dirty windows, I think you are about perfect on the time

As far as the safety factor is concerned, certain windows like the ones along a roof line can be reached by climbing out of the window and cleaning it from the roof. There are times where the ladder is necessary but only make a climb when it is safe

Thanks guys.

I had 2 identical houses in particular that were on the same street where the roof over the front door had a peak that was in the way of the windows. They do not open and they are in the lobby so even if they did open, I would have had to use a ladder anyway. I guess that would have been one of those times where I’d have to ladder it.

I ended up getting them gleaming though at the expense of butchering a section on my pole from scraping the asphalt shingles. It’s still a learning process so I guess I still have many lessons yet to come.

Thanks again!

That house would probably take about 50 minutes after setup. My setup takes 5 minutes because I have a 200 tank. I’d charge $150.

Is that your minimum, Brennon?