How Long Does Unger Hydropower Resin Last?

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I am considering a 6 liter Unger Hydropower unit, and I’m confused about how long a resin bag will last. This would be my first experience with a pure water system. The owners manual says the single unit will flow about 1.5 gallons per minute (90 gallons per hour), and the resin will last for about 300 gallons with incoming TDS of 100. TDS in my area is right around 100, so at that rate, it seems like I would need a new resin bag almost every 3.3 hours. $60 resin bags for every 3.3 hours of use seems very expensive. Help me understand? Many thanks.

that is why you want an ro filter and system that uses generic resin to refill the di.
ro gets the water almost clean so di resin lasts longer and then you refill from a cheaper source of di resin.
i have been a strong supporter of wash it in the past and still think it’s pretty good although not as enthusiastic since finding out it is not actually a future of cleaning product and has no real canadian suppoort

@cactus27 Cactus27, thanks for the response, and good advice. I was thinking the same thing, and was also looking at the IPC and Wash-it RO/DI models, but couldn’t figure out how Unger was selling a DI only model for about the same price, if the operating cost with their product would be so much higher.

What did you mean by “it is not actually a future of cleaning product…?”

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That’s the beauty of this forum there are also so many other’s that give solid information too.

I bought two of the 2 stage Hydropowers today.

Although you can fill it with generic resin, the bags are designed to prolong the life of the resin by preventing channeling.

Also, the resin, pound for pound, is cheaper than regular high quality resin.

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when i bought it i was under the impression it was made by future of cleaning, they make the reach it poles. turns out it is a wcr product and there is no real warranty or support for us canadians.

The Unger Hydropower di units do not need to be filled with the bags. It’s compatible with loose resin. You’ll save money there.

Secondly, although the unit has the capabilities of 1.5 gallons per minute, depending on the job, you can stretch that to 1/2 or even a 1/3 of that number.

Thirdly, and as recommended by the guys, you’ll want a RO membrane which can possibly bring your 100 ppm down to as pure as 002. Thus, not requiring di at all unless you want that extra punch of ultra pure water and the reassurance.

Hydropower is 6 liters per bag of resin. Depending on your TDS you can get
from 300 to 600 gallons per 6 liters of resin.

are you sure you can just put regular resin in them? havr you done it?

The HydroPower is great! And very cost effective IF your TDS isn’t outrageous.

You can check your average local TDS here, its pretty accurate:

The HydroPower has been one of our very best sellers the past couple of years people love them.

Honestly - I really cant believe anyone would fall for this nonsense!

A standard DI unit is less than 1/4 the price, can be easily refilled, will last just as long (the “channelling” in the di bag is pretty much just BS - it may work but in the real world the advantage is negligible).

Water purification is simple - just grab a standard 40" housing, a HF5 low pressure membrane, zip tie it to a sack truck and tie a $100 DI bottle next to it,… add a few fittings and some youtube time & you can save yourself $2k!


Unger says you can in one of their descriptions of the product. I’m in my 3rd year using loose resin with it.