How long does your squeegee rubber last?

I’ve been doing windows a while, but just recently got out on my own. Squeegee started leaving streaks, so I replaced a rubber (I’d already flipped it). Didn’t seem to last as long as I they did back when I wasn’t buying my own equipment. How many hours should I expect to get outa these things? and are there tips to keep them in good shape longer? Thanks!

I can get 2 or 3 days doing commercial. I change rubbers before I start each resi. Rubbers are cheap. You can make 100 times the cost of that rubber before you wear it out.

maybe a week, depends on how much work is done.

John, I have to say you probably notice your changing it out more cause your paying for it :slight_smile:

When it’s money out of our pockets we notice the little things much quicker, but hey oh well. Like bumblebee stated in reality squeegee rubber is cheep so change as soon as you notice.

Another thought is what kind do you use? Don’t go with off brands in my opinion. I have tried almost every brand and off brand and prefer Pulex now over all others. It holds up really well.

To keep your rubber in better shape try not to store your squeegees in BOB while not working. I found we will have a nick in center where it rubs while driving so we try to take out our squeegees now and throw them in a bucket. Now with and employee and another getting hired I am a lot more aware, let me tell ya :smiley:

I have always wounderd why they dont manufacture them in 100 ft rolls then we would only have to keep one size and cut to lenght mine normaly last two to three days. and i hate finding old ones on roofs

when hustling all day i use like 4. on a steady freddy day i use 2 or 3.

Wiping them dry with a dry huck towel kills them fast. If you fan you really don’t have to wipe them as much. Use a sea sponge because it is gentler on the rubber than a towel.

I change out my rubbers every day before I start and flip them over in the afternoon.

I’m pretty sure I would fire any and all of my guys if they told me they used 2-4 rubbers in one day.

Thats the move, we do the same thing.

Are you using Hard of soft rubber there in Ga.?

A few different manufacturers offer rubbers in 50’ rolls, maybe larger. I dont know if that is something that WCR offers but I knw it exists.

Ever since I bought a WFP and ditched the storefront I’ve been going though about a rubber a week.

I’m also only using like 5 microfibers total on a house

We have found ways to prolong rubber life – by not storing the squeegee channels in a boab (especially if it’s beat up) in between jobs and over night and also by not constantly drying the rubber over and over again with a towel – a simple dab does the trick.

I use Ettore rubber and do alot of commercial jobs i can go thru 1 rubber a week and flip it over mid week.
If were doing buildings all day usually the rubber will only last 1 day.

And if you’re squeegeeing concrete you will use 2-4 rubbers a day :slight_smile:

For me it was always the boab killing it mid way through the day.

I like a sharp rubber about every other day for resi and every day for commercial! Rubber saving tips, use your hand to remove excess water, don;t use the rubber to squeegee the bottom frame-use your towel, keep in boab or bucket water…