How many are using a Wagtail almost exclusively?

I know a guy who is pretty quick and uses a wagtail for practically all his work on windows. Anybody else in love with the Wagtail?

I’m in love with a wagtail on the pole.

Mike Radzik
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Central Massachusetts

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Yeah wagtail is my everyday squeegee. I love it.

Castle Keeper’s Maintenance Inc

We use wagtails for small panes and residential high interior pole work and transoms for storefront

I switched over to wagtail completely, pole and handheld. I used to suffer from tennis elbow, not anymore.

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Wagtails exclusively for the past 3 years. In hand and on pole. Just recently changed out my slimline channels for the Liquidator ones.

I tried to when I first got mine. I was excited about the idea of being able to but it just didn’t seem to hold enough water to really enjoy the window good. I also found myself having to fuse with it to much. I gave up on the idea. Did any of you guys who use it exclusively find the same thing when you first started using it and if yes how did you get passed those issues. I use a bottle but I don’t want to have to wet the wash pad for every window.

Also just for the record I think the OP meant using the wagtail with the pad exclusively instead of a separate washer and squeegee and not just using the wagtail squeegee. Maybe I read that wrong?

The only time I use anything other than a wagtail is when cleaning thru security bars when I need to slide the channel to one side or the other. Otherwise yes I use it exclusively, and always with the pads although they need to be modified a little otherwise they won’t work properly and will drive you nuts. Firstly you need to sew on extra Velcro and then cut away the hemmed section that sits under the disc and you’ll find the grip will last longer and tho close out is much greater

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Also doing this allows the pad to be placed on the top flange for greater close out and swing

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Interesting idea [MENTION=31506]Guesty[/MENTION]
I’m gonna try that with my slimline, but on top

…Love the idea but I’m a bit “wag-tail challenged”…

Yep understand that. Use the wide body with pads for all pole work and no they don’t hold as much water so workflow needs to be altered. Dip, scrub, squeegee. I did a regular contract today and can comfortably get x3 1.5 x 800 (metric) windows (cold weather over here). In summer less. Is till find it more efficient than using a big heavy scrubber then ripping it off the pole and using a standard squeegee on a pole using pulls.

G’day mettlermaintenance, gr8 to hear ya gonna try it, on the slimline thou you need to remove the Velcro from the clip and put it on the top of the clip this gives you much greater close out and swing. Good luck

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Wagtail changed my life - the smart way to clean windows.

agree karl been exclusive for me for almost 6 years 1.5" inch windows to 12’ ft windows all wagtail …all stories up to 3.5 -4

Appreciate all the responses WhatAPane you read me correctly, and Guesty, Thx for the modification pics. Very helpful! :wink:

I spent some time with it yesterday. Been so much work I haven’t had to time to practice with it much. Closing downwards is nice. The sideways close out can be a little tricky as of right now…

I’m a wagtail fan exclusively. But I can’t get used to the pad for 2 reasons, #1 to hot and humid here in Miami, need more water thus a scrubber works best for me.#2 I find that the pad with squeege being used all the time gets my arm very tired and I get tennis elbow. The fact that I put more torque not that it needs it but that is a bad habit I have makes it very tiring with the pad.

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Im at that stage of going crazy right now…im losing it!! Thank you for the info …gonna make my wife sow it right away.

I get a lot of info from all you folk there in the USA. So I’m just glad I can help from over here in west oz

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I’m with all you guys. I’m wagtail for everything. Fixed my tennis elbow when I was dumb and did storefront almost exclusively for a year.

Pad over the top when on a pole. I don’t have a problem with not holding enough water. I only rewet with my bottle after 5 or 6 panes. I did sew on new velcro (the loop side, not the hook) after about 6 months when the slimline pad started falling off. I like the amount of water that the original yellow whirlwind pad holds, but it doesn’t have the scrubbing power of the blue microfiber pads.