How many complaints

Curious how many legitimate complaints companies are getting commercial and residential. Also if your solo or not too.

We typically receive only a few a year between all of our jobs. This is doing 5-6 houses daily 1-2 days a week and the other 3-4 days working 8-10 hours daily with 5 people.

I am wondering when the owners aren’t onsite how it effects the complaints and simply how many complaints people are getting overall.


Great topic. This year we’ve gotten 18 legitimate complaints. Such as missed a window, streak/smudge, etc.

This year we have completed 700 residential jobs and about 550 route/commercial jobs.


Solo, one complaint total, and it was legit, since starting in July 2016. (Weird window issue, didnt clean up right and only showed in direct sun and I left when it was cloudy…) Right now 50 storefront at least every 4 weeks, 1-4 houses a month usually. Getting into larger (for me) buildings like hotels so hope to continue the trend.

I can dive deeper and cruch if you need to.

All resi.

5-6 in Spring.
Hit 8 complaints a month

Set goal for 4 or less this month. Had 2.

30% of callbacks are one dude forgetting stuff.
Probably 40% valid complaints about quality of work. The rest our fault for not communicating or doing a quality quality control check


I think we have had about 10 for the year. forgetting to put a screen in, forgetting a skylight, a guy cut in front of someone driving. And we even got a complaint that a guy stunk up their bathroom. all valid complaints and things we work on fixing. We have 4 full time guys and me and my wife fill in as needed in the field.


I’m fairly new, only been doing windows as a business for about 3 months. I’ve had 1 legitimate complaint on a glass deck pane. There was a small line of mildew at the very top right along the rubber strip. Easy to miss, but definitely my fault. Took about 20 minutes to double check all 15 panes and dry wool the missed areas. It’s just me by myself so I only have myself to blame. So far, I’ve done 14 houses and have a dozen commercial accounts and that was the only one that I had a call back on, and they weren’t even upset about it, I just always tell my customers that if they ever have any problems, no matter how small to call me and I’ll make it right.